Sawmill 2003 Supplemental Regulations Blue Mountain Region SCCA

All activities held in conjunction with the 2003 Sawmill ClubRally will be held at the Morris Volunteer Fire Company located at the intersection of PA State Routes 287 and 414 in Morris, PA.

TYPE OF EVENT: The Sawmill ClubRally is a coefficient 2 performance rally consisting of 8 stages to be run over closed roads and linked by transit sections with liberal time allowances to make the start of the next stage. All competitive driving will be confined to gravel and dirt stages. The total length of the rally route will be 54 miles, including 30 miles of stages. The event will be conducted in accordance with the current SCCA Performance Rally Rules, as amended by these Supplemental Regulations.

ALL personnel connected with the rally MUST sign the Waiver at Registration.


Saturday, April 26, 2003
Seeded Draw
Friday, May 9, 2003
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm Registration & Tech Inspection
Saturday, May 10, 2003
8:00 am - 10:00 am ClubRally Seminar (ALL Seed 8 competitors MUST attend.)
9:00 am Worker's Meeting (ALL Workers MUST sign waiver.)
12:30 pm Parc Ferme Closes (ALL cars must be in Parc Ferme BEFORE 12:30 pm.)
1:00 pm First Car Out
8:00 pm - ? Finish Party/Awards
A more detailed schedule will be available at Registration.
Changes thereto will be posted on the Official Notice Board.

REGISTRATION: In order to speed up your Registration process, we ask that you provide the Registrar, in advance, with copies of your valid state driver's license, SCCA membership card, and competition license for the driver and co-driver as well as your registration card and insurance declarations page for the competition vehicle and service vehicle valid through the event weekend. It would also be helpful if you would take the time to download the Service Crew Registration Form and include copies of the crew chief's driver's license as well. Mail copies to Jon Bogert.

TECH INSPECTION: will take place at the Morris Volunteer Fire Company on Friday evening from 6 PM to 10 PM ONLY. If you have not completed Tech Inspection on Friday evening, DO NOT SHOW UP ON SATURDAY MORNING AND EXPECT TO RUN THE RALLY!

You must turn in your completed Tech Inspection Form to the Registrar on Saturday morning to receive your Route Book.

ANNUAL INSPECTION: The required annual vehicle tech inspection may be performed at the event by prior arrangement with the Chief Scrutineer. You must call (609-587-3983) or e-mail Ed Brennan to make arrangements and be prepared to arrive early on Friday.

NO USE OF LOCAL ROADS: Please respect the rights and privacy of the local citizens by NOT testing your car on the local roads. Note also that rally and spectator traffic to the west of PA State Route 287 is strongly discouraged before the rally itself. If the indifferent actions of a few upset the local population and cause us to loose this venue for next year, you can be assured the entire rally community will know who you are.

ODOMETER CHECK: Route Instructions for a brief odometer check will be available at Registration. You will need to run this before the actual event as the transit to the first stage is very short.

SERVICE AREA: All service will take place in the parking lot of the Morris Volunteer Fire Company. No parking is allowed on the ballpark, which is on the North end of the field. Please place all refuse in the containers provided. Lavatories are located in the fire house. There are NO gas stations in Morris, PA. You will need to travel to Wellsboro, PA to find gas.

SPECTATORS: will be provided with explicit directions to viewing areas and specific times to be there. Access to all viewing areas is by means of stage roads. To spectate, you MUST arrive at the specified entry to a stage at the specified time or you will be denied entry.

OFFICIAL NOTICE BOARD: will be prominently located in the Morris Volunteer Fire Company.

Start Order will be posted on the Official Notice Board on Saturday morning. You will receive your initial set of scorecards at the MTC Out.

TIMING/CONTROL PENALTIES: Timing will be in hundredths of minutes. Lateness at controls will be assessed as follows: early arrival, one minute penalty per minute or fraction thereof; late arrival, 20 hundredths penalty per minute or fraction thereof. MPL is 20 minutes per section.

TURN-AROUND STAGES will be handled as follows: Upon your arrival at the FTC, the marshall will annotate your time card with your finish time for the stage just completed as well as your "ideal" out time for the next stage. Proceed to the turn-around area and return to the start control. Park in arrival order, as far to the side of the road as possible keeping in mind there will be 2-way traffic in this area. If you were catching the car in front of you and you want to switch positions on the road for the egress, you may do so at this point provided both parties are in agreemement. Remember, you are in a control zone and servicing rules apply. If you need to make repairs that would be considered safety related (i.e., change a flat tire), get permission from the stage captain FIRST.

The subsequent stage will begin shortly after sweep arrives. THERE IS NO ATC. The marshall will advise the first cars several minutes in advance of their "actual" start time. You will pull up to the SSS at one minute intervals and begin the next stage.

All INCIDENTS/ACCIDENTS must be reported on the appropriate forms; forms will be available from the Safety Steward. It is the responsibility of the competitor to hand the completed form to the Safety Steward or mail it to SCCA within 14 days.

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