Mini-Price Nevada Rally
Las Vegas, Nevada
SCCA Pro Rally Championship

November 16-18, 1979

Final Results

Stages: 17
Total Miles: 760
Stage Miles: 305
Starters:  53
Finishers: 17 
15 Prod Entries
Organizing Region: Cal Club
Organizers: Ken Adams/John Angus
Prize Fund: $15,000
Press Release

FIN.  	CAR                                                        
 1		Rod Millen		Newport Beach, CA	Cal Club	Ford Escort	24,786
		Mark Howard		Newport Beach, CA	Cal Club

 2		Ivan Stewart		San Diego, CA		Texas		Ford Pick-up	26,435
		Cam Warren		Santa Monica, CA	Cal Club

 3		John Smiskol		Crystal Lake, IL	Milwaukee	Triumph TR-7	27,428
		Walt Krafft		Hinsdale, IL		Saginaw Valley
 4		Colin Whittingham	Tyler, TX		Guest		Mazda RX-3	28,764
		Andrew Magnus		Ft. Worth, TX		Guest

 5		Donald Fouse		Cooper Landing, AK	NWR		Datsun 240Z	29,112
		Terry Arnold		San Diego, CA		Cal Club
 6		Larry Schmidt		Rochester, MI		Detroit		Dodge Colt	29,839
		Joe Andreini		St. Clair Shores, MI	Detroit

 7		Rod Koch		Norco, CA		Cal Club	VW Bug		30,539
		Bill Sturm		Rancho Cucamonga, CA	Guest

 8	1P	Guenter Kern		Bakersfield, CA		Cal Club	Datsun B-210	31,261
		Bonnie Adams		Bakersfield, CA		Cal Club

 9		Ralph Starr		Denver, CO		Colorado	Datsun 510	31,364
		Regan Smolkovich	Denver, CO		Colorado

10		Michael Whitman		Ridgecrest, CA		Guest		Datsun 510	31,412
		Gale Tyler		Ridgecrest, CA		Guest

11		George Kapetanakis	Van Nuys, CA		Cal Club 	Volvo 142	31,418
		Theresa Kapetanakis	Van Nuys, CA		Cal Club
12	2P	Kris Mellon		Lake Tahoe, CA		Reno		Plymouth Arrow	31,515
		Pati Dubon		Bakersfield, CA		Guest
13	3P	Al Perez		Salt Lake City, UT	Guest		Plymouth Arrow	33,113
		Randy Hensley		Ridgecrest, CA		Guest
14		Tom French		Irving, TX		Texas		Saab 96		33,849
		Dave Fremder		Rowlett, TX		Guest

15	4P	Fred Stafford		Los Angeles, CA		Guest		Plymouth Champ	33,998
		Erick Hauge		Pleasanton, CA		San Francisco

16		Bill Straw		Bakersfield, CA		Guest		Datsun 510	34,390
		Greg Straw		Bakersfield, CA		Guest

17	P	Danny Johnson		Hermosa Beach, CA	Cal-Club	Plymouth Champ	34,539
		Karen Johnson		Hermosa Beach, CA	Cal-Club

DNF 		Norm Babcock  		Longmont, CO 		Guest		AMC Jeep 
		Don Dreibelbis		Bloomfield, CO		Guest

DNF 		Ted Hocker 		San Jose, CA		Guest		Plymouth Arrow

DNF 		Hendrik Blok  		Manhattan Beach, CA 	San Francisco	Plymouth Arrow
		Reed Flickinger					Guest

DNF 		Danny Goodwin  		Anchorage, AK 		NWR 		Fiat Brava
		Rod Sorenson		Sacramento, CA 		San Francisco 

DNF 		Craig Stramler  	Bakersfield, CA 	Cal Club	Plymouth Arrow
		Joe Meek					Guest

DNF 		Satch Carlson  		Anchorage, AK 		CNY		Saab 96
		Rusty Link		Anchorage, AK		CNY

DNF 	P 	Bob Kraushaar  		Tigard, OR 		Oregon 		Plymouth Arrow
		Bill Gilley		Mulino, OR		Oregon

DNF 		Jon Woodner  		Washington, DC 		San Francisco	Triumph TR8
		Jerry Hinkle		Columbia, MD		Guest

DNF 		Charlie Connell 	Anchorage, AK           Guest		Saab 99
		Ross Bordwell					Guest

DNF 		Mike Gibeault		Ridgecrest, CA 		Guest 		Datsun 510
		Lynette Allison		Corona, CA		Guest

DNF		Bob Chandler 		Seattle, WA 		NWR 		Datsun 240Z
		Phyllis Chandler	Seattle, WA 		NWR 

DNF		Ron Docie		Columbus, OH 		Ohio Valley 	Plymouth Arrow

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