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Rally Racing Achievements
1985- First Rally-Tulip 200; First Seed 6 at Lac Vieux
1986,87,88- First Novice, First Clubman at Tall Pines
1989,90,91- Finished 3 POR's - Fastest 2-wheel drive
1992- First Novice at Voyageurs
1993- Building 1972 VW Beetle
1994- Start and Finish First Rally with VW Beetle
1995- 2nd OA at Ojibwe Divisional
1996- 1st Sandhills; 1st Black Bear
1997- 1st G5 Snowdrift; Fastest 2-wheel drive Swift Rapids
1998,99- 1st Black River; Fastest 2-wheel drive Ski Sawmill
Sep. 24 1999- 3rd OA, 1st Group 5 at Black River Stages
Oct. 24 1999- Lake Superior

Mike and Reny Villemure started rallying in 1985 at the Tulip 200 where they earned their SCCA National rally licenses. Unlike most rally racers, Mike and Reny are "switch hitters". They share the driving and co-driving. That was the deal from the first day, when they purchased their 1985 Dodge Charger from Zack Thompson, who in turn, had purchased it from Doug Shepherd.

In 1986 they decided to compete in a new 1986 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo. They finished 29 rallies and only DNFed two events over the next seven years.

In 1993 the Dodge was sold and an old, but new, 1972 VW Beetle was engineered and prepared by Reny 'the brain behind all', Mike 'second fiddle' and Pete's expertise. Nicknamed "the beetle on steroids" by the rally fans, it is the talk of the town at every rally.

To date Mike and Reny have competed in 55 rallies with only seven DNF's. During the last two years they have won three rallies and had two second places. Though still fairly young (early 50's) they are still very serious competitors. They enjoy the great challenge that rally racing brings and the great camaraderie at all the US and Canadian rallies.

Villemure Racing is sponsored by Al & Sons Hydraulic, Inc., Cylinder Rebuilders located in Trenton, MI.

Rally Car Specifications: 1972 VW Beetle

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