Press Release

August 5, 2001
  Contact: Robin Wysokowski
RE, Central NY Region
Tel: 315-431-0690

Black River Stages Still On

Harrisville, NY -- As of the latest information that I have currently available to me, Black River Stages as of this date is not canceled. The date had been changed in prior months to September 29, 2001. This was not corrected by us in Sports Car in error.

We still want to have the event for the sake of the Division and the drivers to be able to continue getting their points that they may need.

We could still use a lot of help to continue putting this event on. We are coming down to the wire with all the planning that needs to be done. There will be a formal announcement made on August 22, 2001. That is our cut off point if the administration of the event cannot continue. We will be posting that announcement at that time.

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