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Date: November 10, 2002


Kananaskis Rally
November 10, 2002, Bragg Creek, AB, CANADA
Round 6 of the Western Canadian Rally Championship

Calgary driver Jim Dewitte Wins Kananaskis Rally
Trinder takes home regional championship

Bragg Creek, AB - Jim Dewitte and navigator Joe Proteau drove a consistent race to a first place finish in the final event of the 2002 Western Regional Rally Championship. The win is Dewitte's second win in the three events of the series he entered.

Vancouver Driver Scott Trinder with his father Bob doing the co-driving duties drove a conservative race knowing they only had to finish Higher than fourth to take the championship. Not relaxing too much, the Trinders brought home their car to a second place finish in the podium, giving Scott the regional championship.

"We entered into the event with a conservative attitude," Said the younger Trinder, "and we were fortunate enough to finish with the title"

Third place in the rally was grasped by the Washington state team or driver Ross Foster and navigator Alan Perry. The duo recovered from spins on each of the first two stages, one spin taking them into the trees on Powderface trail.

2001 Series Champion Janusz Komorowski had a commanding lead, heading into the final stage but was plagued by a couple of problems on the road. Komorowski and Navigator Keith Morison had to stop to replace their hood after it flew open about 3 KM into the stage. The pair pushed to make up time, but were sidelined in the stage for over 8 minutes after putting the car off in a ditch about 4 Km from the end of the last special stage. .

Kananaskis 2002 - Results

Pos. Total 	Diff.  	Driver     		Co-Driver          	Car          	Class
 1   1:33:49       	Jim Dewitte        	Joe Proteau      	Isuzu Impulse  	Open

 2   1:35:27    1:38 	Scott Trinder  		Bob Trinder     	Subaru Impreza 	Prod.Over 2L

 3   1:36:00    2:11 	Ross Foster       	Alan Perry     		Mazda 323 GTX 	Prod. Over 2L

 4   1:40:34    6:45  	Maciej Ogrocki     	Christina Williams   	Subaru Impreza 	Prod. Over 2L

 5   1:43:41    9:52  	Peter Hill    		Leanne Junnila        	Toyota Corolla 	Dinosaur

 6   1:44:10   10:21    Michelle Monette        Chris Monette        	Toyota Corolla 	Prod. Under 2L

 7   1:44:31   10:42    Janusz Komorowski    	Keith Morison       	Eagle Talon  	Open

 8   1:44:53   11:04    Zbigniew Szewczyk     	Tomasz Karzynski      	Toyota Celica 	Prod. Over 2L

 9   1:45:02   11:13    Martin Burnley       	Graham Burnley          Subaru Impreza 	Prod Over 2L

10  1:50:46    16:57    Penny Zuk            	Rome Awde              	VW GTI 		Prod. Under 2L

11  1:51:51    18:02    Richard Penrose         Tony Penrose         	Toyota Corolla 	Grp. 2

12  1:53:23    19:34    Andrew Tilston        	Eric Grochowski         Audi TT 	Prod. Over  2L

DNF Bent Wheel  	Adam Scrivens           Jan-Michael Stasiuk    	Datsun 510 	Dinosaur

DNF Off Road       	Tom Machnik          	Amy Quinn            	VW GTI 		Prod. Under 2L

DNF Max late      	Charles Buren        	Teresa Holem         	Toyota MR2 	Prod. Under 2L

DNF Mechanical  	Peter Kadlubowski      	Kamil Kobos          	Toyota Corolla 	Grp, 2 

DNF CV Joint      	Gord Olsen           	Kathy Olsen          	VW GTI 00 

Event Contacts:
Public Relations / Media: Shawn Bishop (403) 277-6291

Event Organizer: Mark Ward (403) 252-2037

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