Rocky Mountain Rally
Calgary, Alberta
Subaru Canadian Rally Championship
May 28-29, 1999

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Event:Rocky Mountain Rally, Round 4 of the Subaru Canadian Rally Championship. Rally teams from across Canada and the US will be racing through the Porcupine Hills forestry area southwest of Calgary, Alberta.

When:May 28-29, 1999

Organization:Organized by the Calgary Sports Car Club and sanctioned by the Canadian Association of Rallysport.

Thursday May 27
11:30 am to 2:00 pmPress Event; Symon’s Valley BBQ Ranch
6:30 pm to 11:00 pmWorker Training, Competitor Welcome BBQ; Calgary Sports Car Club
Friday May 28
3:00 pm to 7:00 pmRegistration and Technical Inspection; Subaru of Calgary
Saturday May 29
7:00 amIntroduction of Officials; Hospitality Inn
10:00 amStage 1 Starts in Porcupine Hills - Spectator access to stages controlled
7:00 pmStage 12 Completed
10:00 pmAwards Dinner; Hospitality Inn

Format: Events in the Subaru Canadian Rally Championship consist of flat-out racing -- in any weather condition -- on challenging forest, mountain or desert roads. No practice is allowed. Competitors generally see the course for the first time as they race it.

Stage rallies consist of roads designated "stages" and "transits." Racing takes place only on the stages -- demanding roads closed by local authorities for the event. Transits connect racing sections and are driven at normal highway speeds, with teams fully subject to all traffic laws.

Stage rally vehicles are production-based cars (and some trucks) from manufacturers around the world. They compete both for the overall victory and wins within a class structure that groups together vehicles with similar performance.

Each vehicle carries a driver and a co-driver/navigator. Using a detailed route book and a sophisticated rally computer, the co-driver keeps the team on-course and advises the driver of any hazards noted in the route book. This role is as critical as the driver's skill, since the team is traveling at full racing speeds over roads they have never before seen, in any weather.

Selected Entries: Frank and Dan Sprongl, current Series leaders with 2 wins in the Quebec winter events in their Audi Dealer Team Castrol – Audi S2 Quattro. Trying for a record 6th Canadian Championship.

Tom and Trish McGeer, Subaru Canada’s entry in a Subaru Imprezza WRX. 3 times Canadian champions should be the best challenge to beat the Sprongls.

Sylvain Vincent/Dominique Cyr from LaPlaine, Quebec. Currently 2nd in the 1999 Series with excellent finishes in the Quebec events. Driving an Eagle Talon in Production GT class.

Gord and Kathy Olsen from Brooks, Alberta in a Volkswagen Golf. Most competitive local team and have won the last 2 Regional events in Alberta.

Eric Tremblay and J-Francois Guite from Quebec in a new Subaru Imprezza RS.

Jean-Marc Alcarez/Shirley Normandin in a very quick Mazda 323 GTX.

Lee Shadbolt and Claire Chizma from Oregon in another Subaru Imprezza RS.

Paul Westwick/Andrew Dobric from Vancouver in a Toyata Celica AWD.

Interviews:Drivers, Co-drivers, Event Organizers and Series Sponsors will be available at the media event on Thursday, May 27.

Visuals:The media event will provide excellent opportunity for exciting video and photographic action of the rally cars at speed. During the event, rally cars will pass the spectator point 10 times.

Media rally-car rides:Media members will have the opportunity to experience the excitement of a rally car in action during the media event.

Results:Final results will be available by fax and e-mail following the event finish late on Saturday evening.

Contact:Shawn Bishop
Phone/Fax: (403) 277-6291
Cell: (403) 701-RALY (7259)
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