Maine Forest Rally

Supplementary Regulations

Bethel - Rumford, Maine
July 28-30, 2005

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The 2005 MAINE FOREST RALLY is organized by the team from Motorsports Consultants with grateful assistance of the SEVEN ISLANDS LAND CO., DILLON LOGGING, LANDVEST, MASTERS, MAINE PARKS & RECREATION, and the towns of BETHEL, RUMFORD, MEXICO, PERU, WOODSTOCK and MILTON.


The Rally is Round 5 of the RALLY AMERICA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Friday's and Saturday's portions will each count for the Rally America Eastern Regional Championship. The event will be conducted following the Rally America Rally Rules, as amended by these Supplementary Regulations.


Use Speed Factor list based on Median stage times (list to be posted on MFR web site; list is prepared in conjunction with RA); 2 minute intervals for the first "n" competitors to start every stage, where "n" = the number of drivers entered with a speed factor of 1.17 or greater; reseed top 5 at Errol Saturday lunch break; Sup Regs and Results will only be posted on the web site; less than 100 stage miles in National event; 1 minute interval between all cars for Friday start and SS 1; protests related to eligibility of competitors' cars must be submitted before protesters arrival time at the last control of the rally.


Thursday, July 28: 3 - 5 PM Shakedown Stage TENTATIVE
  7 - 10 PM Registration Sunday River Grand Summit
  4 - 10 PM Scrutineering Bethel Fire Station
  7 - 9 PM "Mexico Night" Bethel Inn
  9 - 11 PM Rally Party Bethel Inn
  9 PM Draw for "Seed 0" Cars
Starting Position
Bethel Inn
Friday, July 29: 7 - 11 AM Registration Sunday River Grand Summit
  7 - 11 AM Scrutineering Bethel Fire Station
  9 - 11 AM Seed 8 Seminar Sunday River G.S.
  9 - 11 AM Worker Registration Sunday River G.S.
  11 AM Worker Meeting Sunday River G.S.
  Noon Parc Expose Opens Mexico Rec. Area
  1 PM Parc Expose Closes  
  2 PM Drivers' Meeting Parc Expose
  2:30 PM Start National/Regional 1 Mexico Rec. Area
  8:30 PM Approx. Finish Day 1 Phoenix at Sunday River
  9 PM Party/Informational Scores
Awards - Regional Rally
Saturday, July 30: 6:30 - 7:30 AM Late Registration Sunday River G.S.
  8:30 AM Parc Expose Sunday River Brewery
  9:00 AM Restart/Start Regional 2 Sunday River Brewery
  1:30 PM Approx. Lunch Break Errol, NH
  6 PM Approx. Finish Sunday River G.S.
  7:30 PM Cocktails Sunday River
  8 PM Buffet Sunday River
  8 PM Provisional Results Posted Sunday River
  9:30 PM Awards (Approx.) Sunday River


Chairman Ted Goddard 802-263-5678 H
Rallymaster John Buffum 802-655-5768 W
Registrar Ted Goddard 802-263-5678 H
Scrutineering Don Taylor 603-542-8549 W
Worker Coordinator Ted Goddard 802-263-5678 H
HAM Coordinator Gene Giddings AA1XD 207-897-9253
Press Officer Tara McMann 603-444-4488
Course Opening Mark Everett/Wayne Brooks    
Course Closing/Sweep Bob Lyle/Rovers Offroad    
Scoring Rally America    
Safety Steward Bill Montgomery
Ops Steward BerylAnn Burton 612-529-6821
Event Steward Dave Weiman 281-703-0508


The route is contained in an area 80 miles to the north, and 20 miles to the west, of Rumford, Maine. The route is approximately 260 miles long, with 88 miles of special stages (9). Friday’s Regional has 28 stage miles; Saturday’s Regional has 60 stage miles. The route uses most of the roads twice. There is one dead-end stage, as we feel that with 60-70 cars the wait at the turn-around is acceptable. Most of the stages are 1-1/2 lane, well-groomed ex-logging roads. Some will be being used as access for current logging operations; all are on gravel. Maps will be included in the front of the routebook and on the web site.

Those familiar with the rallies from the past will find the route and the stages quite different. Due to outside influences (read the letter on the web site) the number of roads available to us has been drastically reduced. We have found three new stages to replace the 'lost' ones; these tend to be brisk, but will still challenge the competitors. Since I believe in quality over quantity, we will not run stages 3 or 4 times, just to get added stage mileage. I believe that the rally will sort itself out after 70 or 80 miles.


No practice or testing will be allowed on any dirt road within 100 miles of Rumford before the rally, unless permission is obtained in advance from the Rallymaster. If we obtain permission for a shakedown stage, it will obviously be exempt from the above; two years ago's shakedown road in Grafton is OFF limits.


TENTATIVE - We are in the process of arranging a shakedown stage, for any competitors desiring it, on Thursday afternoon. Helmets and driver's suits will be required. Both route instructions and stage notes will be available at the start of the stage. A charge of $10 for two runs will be levied, payable at the start of the stage. More information will be posted on the web site when available.


Upon exiting Registration, proceed down the hill (0.3 mi.) and turn RIGHT (Jack Frost shop straight ahead) (0.00 mi.). SPEED LIMIT 40 (0.02 mi.). Follow main road to STOP at US Route 2; turn RIGHT on US 2 west (2.66 mi.). End odometer check at SPEED LIMIT 35 (4.78 mi.).


All personnel directly associated with the competitors must sign the waiver!

Information in the service routebook will contain locations, time available and any other pertinent information. For 2005 Oquossoc will be used for service Friday late afternoon; we feel that the friendly nature of the people and services in Oquossoc override the small and spread-out nature of the service area. A quick service at the Mexico Rec. Park will precede the last stage. The service area on Saturday will be in a grass lot in the town of Errol, NH. Only one service vehicle per rally car will be allowed in the Errol service area. A final quick service after the last stage will be in two gravel pits before returning to Route 26.

Service work on rally cars in the Sunday River Resort area may only be accomplished in LOT 8, which is the large dirt parking lot on the left just before entering the Grand Summit parking area.

Please fill out the Service Crew Registration Form and bring it with you to Registration.


Start to F-1 12 mi SS; 42 mi transit
F-1 to F-2 11 mi SS; 41 mi transit
F-2 to Finish 6 mi SS; 33 mi transit
Restart to S-1 0 mi SS; 34 mi transit
S-1 to S-2 29 mi SS; 42 mi transit
S-2 to S-3 31 mi SS; 58 mi transit
S-3 to End 0 mi SS; 21 mi transit


The Sunoco fuel truck will be located in LOT 8 at Sunday River on Friday from 8 AM - Noon and 7 - 9 PM.

TRAILERS: DO NOT park them on the asphalt at any of the motels. They may be parked in the field just west of the Madison (to the right as you enter the Madison). At the Linnell, ask the front desk. At Sunday River you should park them in LOT 8, which is on the left as you enter the Grand Summit parking lot. Trailers are NOT allowed in the Oquossoc area; if you bring your trailer north, you may be able to leave it at the intersection of Routes 16 and 4, just east of Oquossoc. Trailers are not allowed in the ERROL (or any) service area. Thank you.


The initial starting order will be determined on the basis of the entries received by July 16, using the Median Speed Factor list (this list, and information about it, will be posted on the web site); the results will be posted on the web site July 20. The "Seed 0" cars will be started in the order drawn on Thursday night. The Friday start and first Stage will be run at 1 minute intervals for all cars. An OVERALL reseed is planned for Saturday morning; at least the first 5 cars will be reseeded at Errol Lunch MTC.


This year the Parc Expose will again be at the Mexico Rec. Park. Competitors (and service crews, if desired) must enter the Rec. Area using the North entry. A map of the Rumford area (in the routebook and service book) shows the preferred route, using Route 120, Black Bridge Rd. and then south on Route 17. Service crews must exit the Rec. Park by 2 PM to avoid being locked in until after completion of the stage.

All National and Regional 1 cars must be positioned in Friday’s PARC EXPOSE between Noon and 1 PM. Arrival after 1 PM will result in a penalty (NRR).


Upon returning to the Rec. Park from SS #3, there will be an RGC IN (you must check-in on your minute). You will be held there in a Parc Ferme situation until released into service. After service, you will proceed to the OUT control at the other end of the lot, ready to restart at your IDEAL OUT time.


At the restart on Saturday, cars must be in position in front of the Sunday River Brewery before 8:30 AM. A drawing of the Brewery lot is in the routebook at the end of the Friday night section. Timecards will be handed out at the OUT Control/Start Ramp.

Restart times will be based on overall stage scores on Friday's stages (plus any repositioning by the National Stewards). Saturday Regional-only rallyists will be integrated into the restart order using their median speed factors or other info as available.

National and Regional 2 cars must be positioned in Saturday morning’s Parc Expose before 8:30 AM to avoid penalties (NRR).



Upon arrival at the FTC (of SS 5), you will be given an IDEAL START time for SS 6. Continue ahead and follow marshals' instructions to park. The area is small so please co-operate. Upon arrival of the Course Closing and Sweep vehicles, we will be able to restart. Competitors MUST be ready to restart at their IDEAL START time.


There will be several chicanes on South Arm, Bemis Mt. and Dillon-Success stages. These will be located at sideroads, where the competitors will be forced to deviate into the side road slightly and back onto the main traveled road. A drawing of these chicanes will be included in the front of the routebook.


If you encounter a "STOP" sign in the middle of the stage road (a white sign the size of a control board with red STOP letters and a red cross attached) at a spectator area, you are required to stop. This will indicate a problem with spectators and you will be informed how to proceed. (We would expect that you will continue following the route at transit speeds.)


Thursday night there will be an autograph session (Stig, Travis and Paul) at the Bethel Inn from 5:30 - 7 PM. Scrutineering will be going on across the street at the Firehouse. Afterwards, a "Mexican Night" will start the evening off in the downstairs bar of the Bethel Inn. Around 9 PM we will continue the party with the "Seed 0" draw, rally videos and drink specials. We hope you’ll all come/stay.

The buffet/awards will be at Sunday River in a ballroom that will accommodate 450 people. The buffet will be served first, with only ticket holders being allowed in the room. When the buffet is finished, the doors will open for the awards ceremony. Scoring and the bar will NOT be located in the ballroom.


Overall First = trophies
Class First
Second + Third
= trophies
= depending on # of starters
Tow Money TBD
Regional Rallys Overall and Class trophies will be awarded as above


Strict rules for spectating have been instituted. Please inform your crew and friends that spectating will ONLY be allowed in designated areas. If the spectators fail to follow the instructions of the marshals, we will not hesitate to STOP the stage, thus depriving everyone of the opportunity to see the cars compete. We hope that peer pressure will help everyone follow the rules.


  1. All personnel connected with the rally MUST sign the WAIVER at Registration.
  2. Scrutineering FORMS are available at Scrutineering - a map (Bethel Area Map) is in the routebook and on the web site. You MAY go to Scrutineering before Registration.
  3. The RALLY PLATE should be screwed or taped on your car's hood.
  4. The NOTICE BOARD will be posted in the Registration Room on Friday; any updates will be handed out as bulletins at MTCs/RGCs during competition.
  5. Timing will be in seconds.
  6. CONTROLS, with penalties, will operate per NRR.
  7. Lateness at ATCs, MTCs, etc., will be penalized 12 seconds/minute (see NRR).
  8. TIME CARDS and official time will be available at MTCs and at Registration on Friday. New timecards will be issued at Oquossoc on Friday, Sunday River Brewery and Errol lunch break on Saturday.
  9. All cars will be held in an impound at the end of the National event until the last competitor has checked into the final MTC.
  10. The un-posted SPEED LIMIT on gravel roads is 35 mph.
  11. QUIET ZONES are to be traversed 5 mph below the speed limit, low beams, and 'being quiet'.
  12. ARROWS will supplement the route book, one being located AT (20 feet before) all major intersections which require a significant change of direction. Downward facing arrows indicate cautions.
  13. Senior officials of the event will wear green vests; they will be in charge of various aspects of the event. They should be consulted when questions concerning the event arise.
  14. All INCIDENTS/ACCIDENTS must be reported on the appropriate forms; forms are printed in the routebook. It is the responsibility of the competitor to hand the completed form to the SAFETY STEWARD.
  15. Maps of the general area are on the web site. Print and use these to help your crew determine locations for rally events sites.


Service Crew Registration Form
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