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North American Rally Cup

Championship Rules

This competition is designed to stimulate international competition between Canada and the United States. Events counting for this NARC must be Canadian or American events designated eligible by each sanctioning body on their calendar for the current year. The Rally Regulations governing each Championship and Series shall apply to the respective events. Competitors shall be properly licensed and scoring is as follows:

A. The Drivers / Co-Drivers Championship

  1. Points are accumulated based on overall finishing positions at events entered.

  2. Competitors may count their best six events in the series (Jan 1-Dec 31).

  3. To be eligible to qualify for points in the NARC, competitors must start two events in each country, but may only count four events within any one country. Points will be awarded to both driver and co-driver based on the competitor's overall finishing position as follows:


    In the case of a tie for the first position in the driver or co-drivers Cup, the total points earned shall be used to determine their position (higher points wins). All events entered will be considered for tiebreakers.

  4. Points earned in one category (driver or co-driver) shall not be transferable.

  5. Awards are presented at the AGM of the winner's ASN (sanctioning body).

B. NARC for Manufacturers
The NARC for manufacturers is designed to stimulate interest in and support of rallies by manufacturers.

  1. If the winning make of automobile is not manufactured in North America, the appointed distributor and/or agent will receive the award.

  2. A manufacturer will receive the number of points earned by the highest overall placing automobile of that make, per the schedule above, in all qualifying events. Points scored from all events are counted.

  3. In case of ties in final point standings, they will be resolved according to each manufacturer's record of 1st-place finishes, then if necessary, the number of 2nd-place finishes, and so on down through 10th place.

  4. The vehicle need not be the same model or year to be considered the same (i.e., the Cup will determine the make (marque) of automobile winning the most points such as Ford vs. Chevrolet not Ford Capri vs. Ford Escort).

  5. Award presented where majority of points earned were scored (RA or CARS).

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