Atlantic 200
NARRA Rally Championship
Mantoloking, NJ

November 29-30, 1980

Final Results

NARRA Sanction: 80-4
Stages: 15
Event Length: 218.96
Starters: 17
Finishers: 12

FIN.  CAR                                                        
 1	4	Bruno Kreibich		Ridgewood, NY		Porsche			7021
		Jeff Becker

 2		Sandy Liversidge	Williston, VT		SAAB			7701
		Arthur Mendolia		Suffern, NY

 3		Rich Swenson		Montclair, NJ		Datsun			7825
		Scott Ziegler

 4		Marek Baranski		London, England		Renault			7882
		Zygmont Wisnioski	

 5		Mike Friedman		Glen Rock, NJ		Datsun			7913
		Marc Goldfarb		Ridgewood, NJ

 6		Ken Houseal		Lansdale, PA		Plymouth		8059
		Diane Houseal		Lansdale, PA	

 7		Ed Brennan		Trenton, NJ		SAAB			8159
		Bill Reynolds		Hightstown, NJ

 8		Ted Hocker					Plymouth		8273
		Barbara Victorino

 9		Marc Wright					VW			8780
		Jeff Paxton

10		Gary Webb		Mechanic Falls, ME	Triumph		   	9180
		Bob Hoffman		Kingston, NJ	

11		Karl Hoglander					Datsun			9208
		Gregory Wells

12		Bill Pichardo					Chev			9691
		James Lippincott

DNF		Jon Woodner		Washington, DC		Triumph
		Jerry Hinkle		Columbia, MD

DNF		Nick VanNugteren	Singapore		Mazda
		Rudy Hall

DNF		Kerry Voll		Kendall Park, NJ	Toyota
		Robert Voll		Kendall Park, NJ


To the best of my knowledge, no "Official Results" for this event exist!
If you were there and have more information, or you are one of the two missing DNF's, Please contact me!
Ed Brennan

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