NEDiv ClubRally Newsletter
January 2002

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to 2002! I hope everyone's holidays are enjoyable. I'll be serving as NEDiv ClubRally Steward for the 2002 season and wanted to start off by communicating with the Rally community as a whole. I plan to do this type of thing once each quarter, updating you on any news that may be breaking, as well as talk about how the season is going.

Thanks to Lesley Suddard and all the folks who have supported her over her past few years as Steward. NEDiv has had a sizable increase in the number of competitors during her tenure.

As far as my background, I've been competing since 1987, organizing since 1991, instructed at RallyRight (as schedule permits) since 1996, and serving as Co-Steward with Lesley since 2000. I'm also a Safety Steward as well as a Tech Inspector.

Let's start off with some 2001 news. There was some serious competition for most of the class championships, indicating that the sport is very healthy here in the Northeast. Let's hope that the scoring changes I'll be revealing below will help maintain that fierce competition into 2002.

The NEDiv Awards will be held concurrently with BMR's annual banquet on the 19th of January, hope to see you there. Unfortunately, due to a communication problem with Denver, there is currently no money for year-end trophies of any kind. Things are still in the works, and some may come available, but if you know of any sponsors interested in ponying up a few bucks, have 'em give me a call!

The 2001 CRNC event will be held at the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood in Salem, Missouri on February 23 ( Top three in each class get invited, workers are always welcome!

Now onto the 2002 news...

For the 2002 season, starting with Sand Hills on January 12, the Divisional scoring will go as follows:
Instead of counting your best 6 events for the season, we'll be counting a total of 20 coefficients. Of those 20, up to 7 may be from out of Division. What are coefficients? Each ClubRally is sanctioned as a coefficient 1, 2 or 3 event. That's the way your scores will be tracked. For instance, Sand Hills will be run as two coefficient 2 events. If you run that weekend, that's a total of 4 toward your max of 7 allowed from out of Division. Easy right?

Dean Fry has volunteered to act as Divisional Safety Steward. Working with him around the Division are five other appointees, who, as an organizer, you can contact to get questions answered. Remember, there's always Dean or I, as well as the following: Jason Williams, Ted Mendham, Mark Johnson, Dave Shindle, and Niall Donnelly. Thanks to all those folks who stepped up to help the Division.

Last of the 2002 news is that for an awards and operating fund for the Division, I'll be collecting a flat fee of $15 for each coefficient sanctioned.

That's all for now! My contacts are below; if you have anything you would like to talk with me about, feel free. A warning though - I sometimes go weeks without checking my e-mail even though I'm in town, so plan ahead! Good luck this season! See you in the woods.

Greg Healey

Work: 914-788-2966 - 6-3:30
Home: 845-246-0990 - Before 9pm please