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September 2004

As I write this, Black River Stages has only 14 entries. Hopefully, for the organizers, there will be many more entries. For various reasons, people are not entering until the last minute. This makes it very hard on the organizing committee. If you intend to enter, as an organizer, I, for one, would prefer you send the entry information early. Even if you state you will pay at the event.

NEDiv Mini Convention - 10-12 November 2004
The 2004 SCCA Mini-Convention will be held in the New York area. Jeff Becker will be assisting on the rally portion. At this time, I do not have the details. Please go to for detail as made available. The normal program is a reception Friday, seminars during the day Saturday, awards at lunch Saturday, dinner Saturday night, concluding with NEDiv business meetings on Sunday. The various Stewards of the rally program - TSD, RallyCross, and Performance - will be conducting town meeting type discussions throughout the day on Saturday, I will be awarding the 2004 ClubRally Championships at the lunch. I heard your comments about no formal presentation!

MAINE WINTER - 4 December 2004
I wish I could tell you everything was finalized. That is not so. JB and I are continuing to explore the landowner problem. We are even looking into the possibility of using different roads than originally planned. We should have an answer by the first part of October. As we are running late, it would help if you could let me know - fax: 802-263-9540 or - if you will be able to work or intend to enter. This will be the first event in the 2005 NEDiv ClubRally Championship. I am also looking into a location to run a RallyCross on Sunday.

An aside, as Rallymaster for the Vermont SportsCar Covered Bridge weekend, I am putting out a request for checkpoint workers on Saturday. I can use you even if you cannot make it the first thing Saturday morning. I will fit you in when you get there. For those not familiar with a TSD checkpoint, it is very easy. 2-4 people work together to time and record the cars as they come to your checkpoint. So, if you are coming up Saturday for the RallyCross on Sunday, why not come earlier in the day and help me on the rally?

Ted Goddard

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