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Date: April 23, 1999


Frozen Rotors to Stop ProRally Cold

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota - Cryogenic-tempering specialist Diversified Cryogenics has become the newest contingency sponsor of the Michelin SCCA ProRally Championship; and they'll be doing it through their flagship service, Frozen Rotors.

Probably the single most important element of any racing vehicle is its brakes. Diversified's Frozen Rotors process holds out the tantalizing promise of both better performance and markedly greater component longevity. This comes from permanent changes to the atomic structure of the brake rotors that take place during Diversified's computer-controlled cryogenic tempering process, which takes rotors to more than -300 degrees F. The result, they say, is that brakes donít fade or warp, and last twice as long, with less pad wear to boot.

Frozen Rotors Marketing Director John Jeppesen is very enthusiastic about the program. "We didnít think it was fair that the Porsche Club racers should have great brakes all to themselves," he said. "We wanted to extend the benefits of cryogenic tempering to rallyists also. Iím sure that ProRallyists and ClubRallyists will really like the improvements theyíll get with our rotors on their rally cars. And, once they see those benefits, I'll bet that they'll want them on their tow vehicles, too."

Awards will be posted at all ProRallies; and the program is open to all licensed ProRally teams. There also is a companion set of awards open to all ClubRally teams who participate in the ClubRallies that are held in support of ProRally events. Eligible classes are the same for both ProRally and ClubRally participants: Production GT, Group 2, Group 5 and Open Class. Awards also are identical for entrants at either level. First place gets Frozen Rotors treatment for four rotors. Second place gets treatment for two, and third place is entitled to treatment for one rotor.

Since the cryogenic-tempering process increases toughness and stability, as well as relieving internal residual stresses, Jeppesen says that it also works on many things other than brake rotors. These range from engine parts, drill bits and machine tools to rifle barrels and even golf clubs.

The Frozen Rotors contingency program begins with the next event on the Michelin SCCA ProRally Championship calendar. That will be next weekend's Rim of the World ProRally, which will take place April 30-May 1 in the desert and mountains around Palmdale, California.

More information regarding Frozen Rotors can be found on Diversified Cryogenics' website, - which proclaims itself "the coolest automotive site on the Internet" - or by calling (888) 323-8456.

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