Press Release

Date: May 11, 2000
Contact: Jeff Burmeister
Post Event Phone: 952.928.9291

Start Order & Breaking News:
SCCA ClubRally Championships - Headwaters ClubRally

Park Rapids, Minnesota - 47 cars are entered in the 6th running of the Headwaters ClubRally for the 2000 ClubRally season. This year's event will be doing double duty as it is also functioning as the 1999 ClubRally National Championships. This one-day event will be held on May 13th in the White Earth and the Paul Bunyan State Forests just outside of Park Rapids, Minnesota. The event will be covering over 150 miles of road with approximately 65 miles of closed competitive stage roads that the competitors will contest upon.

The ClubRally National Championships are an invitational only event that will determine the 1999 National Champion in ClubRally. The top two ClubRally Drivers for each class from every Division of the SCCA are extended an invitation for this event.

The ClubRally level of competition is designed to be the middle step to the ProRally Championship in the SCCA Performance Rally family. A ClubRally National Championship is considered, by the SCCA, as the second highest award in the sport of Performance Rally.

Selected News and Entries (driver/co-driver/teams/events):
-- The 2000 ClubRally National Championship Invitational has found a permanent home. The Rally de Paris, held just outside of Paris, Texas, will be hosting the ClubRally National Championship Invitational in January 2001.

-- Henry Krolikowski (CenDiv 1st G5) has decided to drop his bid for the National Championships in ClubRally to give his new 2000 Subaru Impreza WRX a quick workout. The car is built to the FIA Group N specification and will be competing in the Open class for the ClubRally. Changing classes will remove him from ClubRally Championship eligibility.

-- "Mad" Mike Halley (MidDiv 1st G5, 1st Prod) realized that his Peugeot would not be ready for this weekend, so he put out the plea for a rent-a-ride. Jim Konkler offered up his Volkswagen Rabbit. "I just bought it to RallyCross and use for a project car over the next year. However, it looks like the project will be happening in the next 48 hours instead." Jim is entered in the event as a co-driver for Doug Dill in his Group 5 RX-7. "I just hope we don't pass my own car this weekend."

-- Paula Gibeault (SoPac 2nd, Prod) is making her way here after acting as RallyMaster for the ProRally event Rim of the World last weekend in Palmdale, California. After a long week of organizing, this event should come as a good relief for her.

-- The Production GT class (PGT) has a real potential for the event's most watched battle. Chris Czyzio (CenDiv 1st PGT), Celsus Donnelly (NeDiv 2nd PGT), and Roger Hull (SoPac 1st PGT) are all contesting for the National Title in the Production GT Class.

Media Contact:
Jeffrey Burmeister - Marketing and Media, Headwaters ClubRally
Direct Email:; Post Event Phone: 952.928.9291

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Information regarding this list:
Car # = number on vehicle.
Class = O (Open) - are cars with considerable modifications; PGT (Production GT) - high HP production stock cars; G5 (Group 5) - two wheel drive high HP cars; G2 (Group 2) - other two wheel drive cars; P (Production) - slowest, are cars very near to showroom stock configuration.

Tentative Start Order (as provided by the event registrar):

Car#	Driver/Co-Driver			Car Make Model	       Class Seed
105	Bill Morton/Michael Busalacchi		97 Mitsubishi Lancer   O     1
 21 	Chris Czyzio/Eric Carlson		90 Mitsubishi Eclipse  PGT   1
 72 	Roger Hull/Keith Roper			92 Eagle Talon         PGT   1
 82 	Mike Hurst/Rob Bohn			tba                    G5    1
207 	Dave Hintz/Doug Chase			87 Mazda RX7 Turbo     G5    1 
501 	Todd Jarvey/Richard Faber		92 Mitsubishi Galant   O     2 
575 	Jeremy Butts/Jonathan Vrzal		77 Plymouth Arrow      G5    2 
 98 	Bob Nielsen/Brett Corneliusen		87 VW Golf             G2    2 
600 	Mike Halley/Emily Burton-Weinman	81 VW Rabbit           G5    2 
303 	Paula Gibeault/Chrissy Beavis		92 VW Jetta            P     2 
168 	Celsus Donnelly/Tom Lawless		90 Eagle Talon         PGT   3
 70 	Kendall Russell/Rob Hughes		94 Dodge Shadow        PGT   3
 56 	Douglas Davenport/Leah Davenport	85 VW Golf             G2    3 
545 	Eric Seppanen/Jake Himes		92 Nissan Sentra SE-R  P     3

 12 	Steve Gingras/Bill Westrick		94 Eagle Talon         O     1
  6 	Henry Krolikowski/Cynthia Krolikowski	00 Subaru WRX          O     1
 83 	Mark Utecht/Brenda Corneliusen		86 Dodge Omni Turbo    G5    1 
124 	Carl Kieranen/Jerry Bruso		90 Eagle Talon         O     2 
117 	Ken Stewart/Floyd "Doc" Shrader		85 Chevy S-10          O     2
 86 	Mark Larson/Kelly Cox			90 Eagle Talon         PGT   2
 59 	John Rek/Robert A Dupree		95 Audi S-2            O     3 
147 	Darius Bosek/Piotr Modrzejewski		92 Eagle Talon         G5    3 
555 	Colin McCleery/Jeff Secor		85 Ford Sierra         G5    3 
538 	James Buchwitz/C.O. Rudstrom		82 Ford Escort         G2    3
 84 	J.B. Niday/Al Kintigh			86 VW GTI              G2    3 
  X 	Randy Bailey/Will Perry			85 Toyota MR2          G2    3 
  X 	John Adelman/Jason Lajon		83 VW GTI              G2    3 
522 	Jonathon Butts/Gary J. Butts		85 Dodge Omni          G2    3 
535 	Jason Anderson/Jared Kemp		86 Dodge Omni GLH      G2    3 
512 	Jouni Pohjolainen/John Matikainen	91 Nissan NX2000       P     3 
527	Chris Gilligan/Joe Petersen		90 Mitsubishi Eclipse  O     4 
502 	Paul J Dunn/Rebecca Dunn		88 Toyota Celica       O     4 
  X 	Mark Sarnecki/Rick Hansen		98 Subaru Impreza      O     4 
548 	John Zoerner/John Shepski		85 Dodge Omni GLH-T    G5    4 
553 	Jerry Brownell/Jim Windsor		83 Chev Citation       G5    4 
  X 	Erik Payeur/Adam Payeur			85 Dodge Omni          G5    4 
550 	Aaron Hatz/Brendan Higgins		89 VW GTI 16V          G2    4 
574 	Mark Kleckner/Jeffrey Hribar		74 Dodge Colt          G2    4 
546 	Phil Schmidt/Steve Irwin		87 Toyota MR2          G2    4 
539 	Ryan Brooks/Shanti Traskowski		95 Acura Integra       P     4 
582 	Douglas Dill/Jim Konkler		84 Mazda RX7           G5    5 
  X 	Paul Moorman/Diane Sargent		69 SAAB Sonett         G2    5 
  X 	Damien Crane/John Adams-Graf		90 VW Jetta            G2    5 
552 	Bruce Eddy/tba				93 Nissan Sentra SE-R  G2    5 
513 	Dennis Martin/Katherine Freund		92 Eagle Talon         O     6 
  X 	Paul Peters/Robert Anderson		84 Subaru GL           PGT   6 
  X 	Richard Pankratz/Steve Lubotina		92 Saturn SCZM         G2    6

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