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March 8, 2001
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SCCA ProRally Championship 2001 Speedvision Television Schedule

Denver, COLORADO -- The SCCA ProRally Championship's televised coverage has undergone an extensive expansion and revamping over the winter, and is now poised to be one of the most comprehensive national performance rally television program series in the world.

Featuring new on-air and voice-over personalities and enhanced on-board coverage, the SCCA ProRally Show on Speedvision will focus on the intense drama of human and mechanical endurance that defines performance rally competition around the world. For the first time ever, each SCCA ProRally Championship event in the series will have its own 30-minute episode. Additionally, Speedvision will air all-new hour-long mid-season and year-end review shows that will re-cap all the action in a fun, rapid-fire digest format.

Pikes Peak Hillclimb and round track announcer Lee Perkinson will handle service area interviews, technical and 'about the sport' segments, and Tim Winker will provide background and stage-by-stage commentary. Winker, by virtue of his long-time and well-known to the SCCA Performance Rally community status as a participant, organizer, car builder and historian, puts a unique perspective on the action that only years in the sport can generate. Jeff Burmeister, co-founder of and the 2000 season ProRally series media and PR coordinator, will be taking on the Associate Producer role, getting interviews and digging up all the news that shapes each event.

Produced by Doug Plumer's Replica Productions, pioneers of SCCA ProRally national television coverage in the 1990's, the re-engineered program will help the SCCA position the Championship, and the complete SCCA Performance Rally product line, as a leader with the rapidly expanding motorsport's youthful and affluent fan base.

"The performance and visual imagery that SCCA ProRally competition generates is like nothing else here in the States, and sends a powerful and exciting message nationwide and around the world" said Kurt Spitzner, Director of the Championship series. "This new and aggressive television programming will further cement the SCCA Performance Rally group as the motorsport to watch in the coming decade."

The Complete Prime Time Schedule*
All shows will air on Mondays at 8:00 PM and 12:00 Midnight Eastern Time
Per event coverage - 30 minute format
mid-season report and year-end review shows - 1 hour format

Round 1 - Sno*Drift 19 March
Round 2 - Cherokee Trails 09 April
Round 3 - Oregon Trail 30 April
Round 4 - Rim of the World 28 May
Round 5 - Susquehannock Trail 25 June
SCCA ProRally Mid-Season Report 16 July
Round 6 - Maine Forest 27 August
Round 7 - Ojibwe Forests 10 September
Round 8 - Wild West 08 October
Round 9 - Prescott Forest 29 October
Round 10 - Lake Superior 12 November
The SCCA ProRally Year in Review 10 December

*Like all television schedules, the above is subject to change, and some locations may not follow their time zone's time slot.

* Subtract 1 hour for Central Time, 2 hours for Mountain Time, and 3 hours for Pacific.

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