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2002 ProRally Statistics

(Final 9 Events)

2002 ProRally Statistics (Drivers)

 Number of Co-Drivers 2002: 212  
 Number of events entered by co-driver: 2002
   2 =   2 (  1%) Co-Drivers competed in  9 events. 
   4 =   6 (  3%) Co-Drivers competed in  8 events.  
   7 =  13 (  6%) Co-Drivers competed in  7 events.
  12 =  25 ( 12%) Co-Drivers competed in  6 events.   
   7 =  32 ( 15%) Co-Drivers competed in  5 events. 
  12 =  44 ( 21%) Co-Drivers competed in  4 events.  
  22 =  66 ( 31%) Co-Drivers competed in  3 events.  
  50 = 116 ( 55%) Co-Drivers competed in  2 events.  
  96 = 212 (100%) Co-Drivers competed in  1 event.    

 45 (21%) Co-Drivers ran events on both East and West coasts. 		
 27 (13%) Co-Drivers ran events on only the West coast.		
140 (66%) Co-Drivers ran events on only the East coast.    

East Coast Events: SD = Sno*Drift, CT = Cherokee Trails, ST = Squehannock Trail, MF = Maine Forest Rally, OF = Ojibwe Forests Rally, LS = Lake Superior
West Coast Events: OT = Oregon Trail, RW = Rim of the World, WW = Wild West

The classification of East Coast included all events and Competitors East of the Rocky Mountains.
Just as they were a barrier to the Pioneers, they remain the dividing line for ProRally competitors.

Co-Drivers by Number of Events:


[9 EVENTS](2)     HOME  EVENTS ENTERED            		LOCATION	Class 	
Garry Cowan       (NZ)  SD  CT  OT  RW  ST  MF  OF  WW	LS	[East][West]	Open
Jim Brandt        (MI)  SD  CT  OT  RW  ST  MF  OF  WW	LS	[East][West]	Group N

[8 EVENTS](4)     HOME  EVENTS ENTERED            		LOCATION	Class 	
Steve Turvey 	  (UK)  SD  CT  RW  ST  MF  OF  WW  LS		[East][West]	Open
Matt Chester      (CO)  SD  CT  OT  ST  MF  OF	WW  LS		[East][West]	Group 2
Scott Putnam      (MN)  SD  CT  OT  RW  MF  OF 	WW  LS		[East][West]	Open
Dave Weiman       (TX)  CT  OT  RW  ST  MF  OF	WW  LS		[East][West]	Production

[7 EVENTS](7)     HOME  EVENTS ENTERED            		LOCATION	Class 	
Jeff Becker       (NY)  SD  CT  OT  RW  MF  OF	WW		[East][West] 	Open
Therin Pace       (CO)  CT  OT  RW  ST  MF  OF	WW		[East][West]	Group N
Ian Bevan         (UK)  SD  CT  OT  RW  ST  OF	LS		[East][West]	Group N
Michael Kidd      (UK)  SD  CT  OT  MF  OF  WW 	LS		[East][West]	Open
Cindy Krolikowski (MI)  SD  CT  ST  MF  OF  WW	LS		[East][West]	Group N. Group 5, Group 2
Paul Donnelly     (NY)  CT  OT  ST  MF  OF  WW	LS		[East][West]	Group N
Eric Adams        (NC)  SD  CT  RW  ST  OF  WW  LS		[East][West]	Group 2	

[6 EVENTS](12)     HOME  EVENTS ENTERED            		LOCATION	Class 	
Charles Bradley   (GA)  CT  OT  RW  ST  MF  OF			[East][West] 	Open
Michael Gibson    (UK)  SD  CT  OT  RW  ST  MF   		[East][West]  	Open
Dave Shindle      (VA)  SD  CT  OT  ST  MF  OF			[East][West]	Open
Ole Holter        (CA)  SD  CT  OT  ST  MF  OF			[East][West]	Group N
Ken Sabo          (GA)  SD  CT  ST  MF  OF  WW			[East][West]	Production, Group 2
Pete Gladysz      (MI)  SD  CT  RW  ST  MF  LS			[East][West]	Open, Group 5
John McArthur     (NY)  CT  OT  RW  MF  OF  LS			[East][West]	Production GT
John Dillon       (CA)  CT  OT  RW  MF  WW  LS			[East][West]	Open , Production
Alex Gelsomino    (CA)  CT  OT  RW  ST  WW  LS			[East][West]	Group N
Martin Headland   (CN)  CT  ST  MF  OF  WW  LS			[East][West]	Group N
Daniel Barritt    (UK)  RW  ST  MF  OF  WW  LS			[East][West]	Open
Jeff Secor        (MI)  SD  CT  ST  MF  OF  LS			[East]		Group N

[5 EVENTS](7)     HOME  EVENTS ENTERED            		LOCATION	Class 	
Conrad Ketelsen   (MN)  CT  OT  ST  MF  OF			[East][West]	Group 5
John Allen        (WA)  CT  OT  RW  MF  WW			[East][West]	Open	
Rick Hintz        (CA)  OT  RW  ST  OF  WW			[East][West]	Group 5
Christian Edstrom (NY)  CT  RW  ST  OF	LS			[East][West]	Open, Group 2
Bill Montgomery   (GA)  CT  OT  RW  WW	LS			[East][West]	Production GT	
Mark Bowers       (VA)  SD  CT  ST  MF	LS			[East]		Group 2 
Rory Kennedy      (IE)  SD  CT  MF  OF	LS			[East]		Open, Group N 

[4 EVENTS](12)     HOME  EVENTS ENTERED            		LOCATION	Class 	
Scott Huhn        (OR)  OT  RW  OF  WW				[East][West]	Open	
James Burtis      (CO)  OT  ST  OF  LS				[East][West]	Group N
Dave Kean         (WA)  MF  OF	WW  LS				[East][West]	Group N
Urmas Kask        (FL)  ST  MF	WW  LS				[East][West]	Production
Jason Gillespie   (NY)  CT  ST  MF  OF				[East]		Production GT, Group N
Mark McAllister   (NY)  CT  ST  MF  OF				[East]		Open
Kim Demotte       (MO)  SD  CT  OF  LS				[East]		Open 
Allan Kintigh     (MN)  SD  ST  OF  LS				[East]		Group 2, Open
Carl Fisher       (NC)  CT  ST  MF  LS				[East]		Group 2
Jim Newton        (OH)  CT  ST  MF  LS				[East]		Group 2
Paula Gibeault    (CA)  ST  MF  OF  LS				[East]		Production
Ronan Burke       (CT)  ST  MF  OF  LS				[East]		Open

[3 EVENTS](22)     HOME  EVENTS ENTERED            		LOCATION	Class 	
Claire Chizma     (WA)  OT  RW  ST				[East][West]	Production GT
Amity Trowbridge  (WA)  OT  MF  WW				[East][West]	Open
Ben Bradley       (OR)  RW  OF  WW				[East][West]	Open
Nicky Beech       (UK)  OT  ST	LS				[East][West]	Open
John Bennie       (UK)  RW  ST	LS				[East][West]	Open
Jim Gill          (CO)  SD  CT  OF				[East]		Group N
Ed Wahl           (OH)  SD  CT  OF				[East]		Open, Group N, Group 2 
Erick VanDeBurg   (MI)  SD  CT  OF				[East]		Production GT
Rod Hendricksen   (NJ)  SD  ST  MF				[East]		Open
Greg Usavage      (PA)  SD  ST  MF				[East]		Open
Adrian Wintle     (CN)  SD  ST  MF 				[East]		Production, Production GT
Jose Vicente      (NJ)  CT  ST  MF 				[East]		Open
Paul McClean      (NY)  CT  ST  MF				[East]		Group N
Bob Kelly         (IE)  CT  ST  MF				[East]		Open, Group N 
John O'Reilly     (NY)  CT  ST  MF				[East]		Group 2
Enda McCormack    (NY)  CT  ST  MF				[East]		Open
Bernard Farrell   (NY)  CT  ST  MF 				[East]		Open
Eric  Dahlgren    (NY)  ST  MF  OF				[East]		Production GT
Michael Paulin    (MI)  SD  CT  LS				[East]		Group 2
Ray Summers       (MI)  CT  OF	LS				[East]		Open
Ken Nowak         (MI)  SD  MF 	LS				[East]		Group 5
Bryan O'Neal      (NC)  CT  MF	LS				[East]		Group 2

[2 EVENTS](50)     HOME  EVENTS ENTERED            		LOCATION	Class 	
Neil Killey       (CA)  SD  OT					[East][West]	Production GT
Brian Johnson     (CT)  CT  OT					[East][West]	Group 2
Craig Sobczak     (MI)  CT  OT					[East][West]	Group 5
Michael Fennell   (JM)  OT  ST					[East][West]	Open
Russell Strate    (NY)  RW  MF					[East][West]	Open
Claire Mole       (UK)  OF  WW					[East][West]	Open
Jeff Call         (WA)  OT  MF  				[East][West]	Group 2
Anne Lewandowski  (CN)  SD  CT					[East]		Group N
Daniel  Sprongl   (CN)  SD  CT 					[East]		Open
Calvin Cooledge   (UK)  SD  CT					[East]		Open
Rob Bergstrom     (MD)  SD  CT					[East]		Group 2
Darek Szerejko    (NY)  SD  ST					[East]		Group N
Gerry Coffey      (NY)  CT  ST					[East]		Open
Barry Smyth       (NY)  CT  MF					[East]		Open
Mark Williams     (MD)  CT  MF					[East]		Open
Edward Fries      (NY)  CT  MF					[East]		Open
Ken Blain         (TN)  CT  MF					[East]		Production GT
Marc Goldfarb     (NH)  CT  MF					[East]		Production
Peter Watt        (CN)  ST  MF					[East]		Group 2
John MacLeod      (MA)  ST  MF					[East]		Production GT
Lise Mendham      (NH)  ST  MF					[East]		Production
Caroline Bosley   (VT)  ST  MF					[East]		Production GT
Will Sekella      (PA)  ST  MF					[East]		Group 2
Marie-Eve Pilon   (CN)  ST  MF					[East]		Production GT
Sean  Moriarty    (NY)  ST  MF					[East]		Open
Elena Roumiantseva(NJ)  ST  MF					[East]		Production
Daphne Bogert     (PA)  ST  MF					[East]		Open
Matt  Kennedy     (VT)  ST  MF					[East]		Production GT
Adam Pelc         (NY)  ST  MF					[East]		Open
Vladimir  Hladky  (VT)  ST  MF					[East]		Group 2
Joshua Bressem    (MA)  ST  MF					[East]		Open
Dallas Smith      (OH)  ST  MF					[East]		Group 2
David Dooley      (NY)  ST  MF					[East]		Open
F.R. Doc Shrader  (AR)  ST  MF					[East]		Production
Jacob  Kalnenieks (CT)  ST  MF					[East]		Group 2
Jim Roxbury       (MN)  MF  OF					[East]
Jim LeBeau        (MI)  SD  LS					[East]		Production
Jonathan Vrzal    (WI)  SD  LS					[East]		Group 5
Brian Sharkey     (IE)  CT  LS					[East]		Open
Fulton Grant      (IE)  ST  LS 					[East]		Open
Stanley Rosen     (MI)  MF  LS					[East]		Group 5
Brenda Lewis      (MN)  OF  LS					[East]		Group 2	
Jake Himes        (MN)  OF  LS					[East]		Production
John Elkin        (OR)  OT  RW 					[West]		Open
Janice Damitio    (WA)  OT  RW					[West]		Group 5
David Hackett     (NV)  OT  RW					[West]		Group 2
Paul Beatty       (WA)  OT  RW					[West]		Open
John Reed         (OR)  OT  RW					[West]
Shawn Callahan    (WA)  OT  WW					[West]		Group 2	
Julie Lin         (CA)  RW  WW					[West]		Group N

[1 EVENT](96)     HOME  EVENTS ENTERED            		LOCATION	Class 	
A. Ramanauskas    (IL)  SD					[East]		Group N
Keith Kennedy     (PA)  SD					[East]		Production GT	
Nicole Dean       (MI)  SD					[East]		Open
Pam McGarvey      (OH)  SD					[East]		Open
Frank Cunningham  (MA)  SD					[East]		Open
Bob Martin        (MI)  SD					[East]		Group 5
John Matikainen   (CN)  SD                                	[East]		Production GT	
Rebecca Dunn      (IL)  SD					[East]		Open
Jeff Hribar       (MI)  SD					[East]		Group 5
Belen Arrieta     (VA)  SD					[East]		Open
Drew Ritchie      (OH)  CT 					[East]		Group 5
Paul Goodman      (NY)  CT 					[East]		Open
Adrian Crane      (CA)  CT 					[East]		Open
Jerzy Bajno       (NY)  CT					[East] 		Open
Paddy Brennan     (NY)  CT 					[East]		Production GT	
Noel Barry        (NY)  CT 					[East]		Production GT	
Marios Socratous  (CT)  CT 					[East]		Open
Eric Schleicher   (AZ)  CT 					[East]		Production
Jaroslaw Baran    (PL)  CT 					[East]		Group N
Satch Carlson     (AK)  CT 					[East]		Group N
Will Perry        (TN)  CT					[East]		Group 2
Brian Pilczuk     (GA)  CT					[East]		Group 2
Jennifer Cote     (CN)  CT					[East]		Group N
Pete Pollard      (CN)  CT					[East]		Group N
Keith Townsend    (CN)  ST 					[East]		Group N
Aidan  Denby      (NY)  ST					[East]		Open
Don DeRose        (NY)  ST					[East]		Open
Ksenia Prokofjeva (MA)  ST					[East]		Production
Michael  Brown    (PA)  ST					[East]		Group 5
James  Stigers    (PR)  ST					[East]		Open
Russ Hughes       (NY)  ST 					[East]		Open	
John Atsma        (MI)  ST 					[East]		Group 5
Brendan Bohan     (NY)  ST					[East]		Production GT
Casey Blust       (VT)  ST 					[East]		Open
Gordon  Noble     (IE)  ST 					[East]		Open
Jay Kowalik       (OH)  ST					[East]		Group 5
Sean Figgins      (PA)  ST 					[East]		Production
Yurek  Cienkosz   (IL)  ST 					[East]		Open
Andrew Coombs     (NJ)  ST 					[East]		Open
James  Wiegand    (VT)  ST 					[East]		Open
Lisa Mangan       (OH)  ST					[East]		Group N
Greg Haymann      (NY)  MF					[East]		Open
Proinsias McKenna (NY)  MF					[East]		Open
Andrew Dugdale    (UK)  MF					[East]		Group N
Duncan McMath     (UK)  MF					[East]		Open
Dave Banville     (IE)  MF					[East]		Group 2
Luis Figueiredo   (NJ)  MF					[East]		Open
Dominik Jozwiak   (NY)  MF 					[East]		Open
Philip Ho         (VT)  MF					[East]		Open
Chris Morand      (MA)  MF 					[East]		Group 2
C. Valeda Serra   (CT)  MF 					[East]		Group 5
Diane Sargent     (MN)  MF					[East]		Group 2
Ethan Maass       (MA)  MF					[East]		Group 5
Tom Tighe         (NY)  MF					[East]		Group 5
L. Mark Stone     (NY)  MF					[East]		Group 2
Kevin Howard      (ME)  MF					[East]		Group 5
Bill Rhodes       (PA)  MF					[East]		Group 2
Stevie Duffy      (NY)  MF					[East]		Production GT
Peter Reilly      (NY)  MF					[East]		Production GT
Maygen McCarty    (ME)  MF					[East]		Production GT
Pauline Gullick   (UK)  OF					[East]		Group A
Alan Perry        (WA)  OF					[East]		Production GT
Scott Carlborn    (MI)  OF					[East]		Open
Arunas Salkauskas (IL)  OF					[East]		Production GT
Joe Andreini      (MI)  OF					[East]		Group 5
Roger Loeffers    (CA)  OF  					[East]		Open
Tina Lengacher    (OR)  OF					[East]		Production
Brian Thomas	  (UK)  LS					[East]		Open
Mike Rossey	  (MI)  LS					[East] 		Group N
Eric Carlson	  (WI)	LS					[East]		Open
Richard Beels	  (PA)  LS					[East]		Group 5
Shannon Johnson   (MI)  LS					[East]		Production
Rob Dupree	  (IL)  LS					[East]		Open
Rolandas Zube	  (IL)	LS					[East]		Production GT
Conrad Ketelien   (MN)  LS					[East]		Group 5
Bill Westrick 	  (MI)  LS					[East]		Production GT	
Dave Coleman      (CA)  OT					[West]		Production
Ray Damitio       (WA)  OT 					[West]		Group 5
Chris Patterson   (UK)  OT 					[West]		Open 
Robert Trinder    (CN)  RW 					[West]		Open	
Aaron Laeng       (CA)  RW					[West]		Group 2
Mustafa Samli     (AZ)  RW					[West]		Production GT		
Tom Bier          (AZ)  RW 					[West]		Group 2	
Eddie Cardenas    (CA)  RW					[West]		Open
Cal Coatsworth    (CA)  RW 					[West]		Open
Linda Masano      (AZ)  RW					[West]		Group 2
Brian Maxwell     (CN)  RW 					[West]		Open
Tony Lumino       (NH)  RW 					[West]		Open
Neal Kiley        (CA)  RW					[West]		Production GT
Josh Westhoven    (OH)  RW					[West]		Production
Wayne Scheible    (NY)  RW					[West]		Open
Mario Lopez 	  (CA)  WW					[West]		Production		
Lee Sorenson	  (CA)	WW					[West]		Production GT
Matt Gauger 	  (CA)  WW					[West]		Group 5
Paul Westwick	  (CN)  WW					[West]		Open
Chris Davis	  (WA)	WW					[West]		Open

Co-Drivers by State: Co-Drivers by SCCA Division

New York	35  	                NEDIV   Total:  75			RMDIV  Total:    4			
Michigan	20 			New York	35			Colorado	 4
California	17 			Pennsylvania	 8                      					
Washington	11			Massachusetts	 6			MWDIV  Total:    1
Ohio		 8			Vermont		 6			Missouri	 1 
Minnesota	 8 			Connecticut      5
Pennsylvania	 8 			New Jersey	 5 				 			
Vermont		 6			New Hampshire	 3			SWDIV   Total:   3
Massachusetts	 6 			Virginia	 2			Texas		 2
Illnois	 	 6   			Maryland	 2			Arkansas	 1
Oregon		 5  			Maine		 2
New Jersey	 5 			Delaware	 1			
Connecticut      5								NORPAC  Total:  17	
Colorado	 4								Washington	11	
Arizona		 4 			SEDIV   Total:  10        		Oregon		 5             									
Georgia		 4			Georgia		 4			Alaska		 1
Virginia	 3			North Carolina	 3			
North Carolina	 3			Tennessee	 2					
New Hampshire	 3  			Florida 	 1			SOPAC   Total:  22					
Tennessee	 2								California	17
Maine		 2 								Arizona		 4
Maryland	 2								Nevada		 1
Wisconsin	 2			CENDIV  Total:  44					
Texas		 1			Michigan	20				
Florida 	 1			Ohio		 8			
Alaska		 1 			Minnesota	 8 				
Nevada		 1 			Illnois	 	 6			
Delaware	 1			Wisconsin	 2
Arkansas	 1			
Missouri	 1
United Kingdom  14			
Canada		13  
Ireland		 6
Poland		 1
Jamaica  	 1				
New Zealand	 1
Puerto Rico	 1			

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