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2004 ProRally Statistics
(Final, 9 Events)

2004 ProRally Statistics (Drivers)

 Number of Co-Drivers 2004: 119 (9 events)
 Number of Co-Drivers 2003: 136

 		Number of events entered by co-driver: 
 2004							      2003
  1 =   1 (  1%) Co-Drivers competed in  9 events. 
  6 =   7 (  6%) Co-Drivers competed in  8 events.  7 =   7 (  5%)
  2 =   9 (  8%) Co-Drivers competed in  7 events.  4 =  11 (  8%)
  1 =  10 (  8%) Co-Drivers competed in  6 events.  3 =  14 ( 10%)  
  4 =  14 ( 12%) Co-Drivers competed in  5 events.  4 =  18 ( 13%)
  9 =  23 ( 19%) Co-Drivers competed in  4 events.  8 =  26 ( 19%)
 13 =  36 ( 30%) Co-Drivers competed in  3 events. 14 =  40 ( 29%)
 30 =  66 ( 55%) Co-Drivers competed in  2 events. 30 =  70 ( 51%)
 53 = 119 (100%) Co-Drivers competed in  1 event.  66 = 136 (100%)


East Coast Events: SD = Sno*Drift, ST = Squehannock Trail, MF = Maine Forest Rally, OF = Ojibwe Forests Rally, LS = Lake Superior
West Coast Events: OT = Oregon Trail, RW = Rim of the World, WW = Wild West

The classification of East Coast included all events and Competitors East of the Rocky Mountains.
Just as they were a barrier to the Pioneers, they remain the dividing line for ProRally competitors.

Co-Drivers by Number of Events:


John Dillon	   (CA)  SD  OT	 RW  ST  PP  MF  OF  CC  LS	[East][West]	Open

Scott Putnam       (MN)  SD  OT	 RW  PP	 MF  OF	 CC  LS		[East][West]	Open
Jeff Secor	   (MI)  SD  OT	 ST  PP	 MF  OF	 CC  LS		[East][West]	Group N
Nathalie Richard   (CN)  OT  RW  ST  PP	 MF  OF	 CC  LS		[East][West]	Group N
Pete Gladysz       (MI)  SD  OT	 RW  ST	 PP  OF  CC  LS		[East][West]	Group 5
Cindy Krolikowski  (MI)  SD  RW  ST  PP  MF  OF	 CC  LS		[East][West]	Group 5
Ole Holter 	   (CA)  SD  OT	 RW  PP	 MF  OF  CC  LS		[East][West]	Group 2

Alex Gelsomino     (CA)  OT  RW  PP  MF  OF  CC  LS		[East][West]	Open
Philip Ho	   (VT)  SD  OT	 RW  ST  MF  OF  LS		[East][West]	Group N

Jimmy Brandt	   (MI)  SD  OT  MF  OF  CC  LS			[East][West]	Production GT

Scott Beckwith	   (CO)	 OT  RW	 ST  MF	 CC			[East][West]	Group N
Kevin Poirier 	   (OR)  OT  RW  PP  OF	 CC			[East][West]	Production
Adrian Wintle 	   (CN)	 SD  ST	 MF  OF  LS			[East]		Open
Carolyn Bosley     (VT)  SD  ST  MF  OF  LS			[East]		Group N  

Charlie Bradley    (GA)  SD  OT  RW  MF				[East][West]	Open
Pam McGarvey 	   (OH)  SD  ST  CC  LS				[East][West]	Open
Therin Pace        (CO)  SD  RW  PP  CC				[East][West]	Group N
Neil Smith	   (CA)	 SD  ST  PP  OF				[East][West]	Production GT
Dave Kean 	   (WA)	 OT  RW	 PP  OF				[East][West]	Group 5
Sean Elliot 	   (CO)  OT  RW  OF  CC				[East][West]	Group 2
Michael Paulin     (MI)  SD  PP  OF  LS				[East][West]	Group 2
Marc Goldfarb      (NH)  SD  ST  MF  LS				[East]		Group N
Lee Sorenson 	   (CA)  OT  RW  PP  CC				[West]		Production GT

Eric Schleicher	   (AZ)  SD  OT	 RW				[East][West]	Open
Kim DeMotte        (MO)  SD  OT  OF				[East][West]	Open
Jim Fultz	   (OH)	 PP  MF  CC				[East][West]	Open
Bill Montgomery    (CO)	 OT  PP  OF				[East][West]	Group N
Christian Edstrom  (NY)  SD  RW  LS				[East][West]	Production GT
Bill Westrick 	   (MI)	 ST  OF  LS				[East]		Open
Mike Rossey 	   (MI)  SD  OF  LS				[East]		Group N
Mark McAllister    (NY)  SD  ST	 MF				[East]		Group N
Peter Monin	   (CT)	 SD  ST	 MF				[East]		Production GT
Chrissie Beavis    (CA)  OT  RW	 PP				[West]		Open
Julie Lin 	   (CA)	 OT  RW  CC				[West]		Group N
Raymond Moberly    (CO)  RW  PP  CC				[West]		Production GT
Scott Crouch	   (CO)  RW  PP  CC				[West]		Production GT

Jeff Becker	   (NY)  RW  MF					[East][West]	Open				
Pauline Gullick	   (UK)	 PP  OF					[East][West]	Open
Michael Fennell    (JA)  SD  PP					[East][West]	Open
Alex Kihurani	   (PA)  RW  MF					[East][West]	Production GT
Lise Mendham	   (NH)	 SD  OT					[East][West]	Production GT
Rebecca Greek	   (MN)  PP  LS					[East][West]	Group 2
Ken Sabo 	   (GA)	 SD  PP					[East][West]	Production
Kiernan McElhinney (NY)  ST  MF					[East]		Open
Emmons Hathaway    (OH)  ST  MF					[East]		Open
Ronan Burke	   (CT)  ST  MF					[East]		Open
Bernard Farrell    (NY)	 ST  MF					[East]		Open
Dave Getchell	   (ME)  ST  MF					[East]		Open
Jason Gillespie	   (NY)  ST  MF					[East]		Open
Yurek Cienkosz 	   (IL)	 SD  ST					[East]		Open
Eddie Fries	   (NY)  ST  LS					[East]		Open
Rod Hendricksen    (NJ)  SD  ST					[East]		Group N
Peter Watt	   (CN)  ST  MF					[East]		Group N
Andrew Coombs	   (NJ)	 MF  OF					[East]		Group N
Brendan Bohan	   (NY)	 MF  OF					[East]		Production GT
Jeremy Wimpey	   (MD)	 MF  LS					[East]		Production GT
Rob Bohn	   (IN)	 OF  LS					[East]		Production GT
Conrad Ketelsen    (MN)  SD  CC					[East]		Group 5
Richard Ehrenberg  (NY)  SD  ST					[East]		Group 2
Jeff Burmeister    (MN)  OT  RW					[West]		Open
Amity Trowbridge   (WA)  OT  RW					[West]		Open
David Hackett	   (NV)  OT  RW					[West]		Production GT
Matt Gauger 	   (CA)	 OT  RW					[West]		Production GT
Allan Walker 	   (CA)  OT  RW					[West]		Production GT
Paul Nelson 	   (CA)  OT  RW					[West]		Production GT
Jason Grahn	   (WA)  RW  CC					[West]		Group 2

Eoin McGeough      (TN)  SD					[East]		Open
Matt Kennedy	   (NH)  ST					[East]		Open
Boyd Smith	   (PA)  ST					[East]		Open
Jose Vincente	   (NJ)  ST					[East]		Open
Dan Sprongl	   (CN)	 ST					[East]		Open
Charlie Donnelly   (NY)  ST					[East]		Open
Mattie Keaney	   (NY)	 MF					[East]		Open
Russell Strate	   (NY)	 MF					[East]		Open
Stephen Duffy	   (NY)	 MF					[East]		Open
Jarlath Kelly	   (IR)  MF					[East]		Open
Tim Stevens	   (ME)	 MF					[East]		Open
Steve McKelvie	   (MA)	 MF					[East]		Open
Greg Haymann	   (NY)  MF					[East]		Open
Yanick Napert	   (CN)	 MF					[East]		Open
Brian Sharkey	   (IR)  LS					[East]		Open
Martin Headland	   (CN)	 LS					[East]		Open
Jeff Aitkins	   (OH)	 OF					[East]		Open
Alan Perry	   (WA)  LS					[East]		Open
Joe Peterson	   (WI)  LS					[East]		Open
Glenn Patterson    (UK)  ST					[East]		Group N
Brian Maxwell	   (CN)  SD  					[East]		Group N 
Paul Donnelly      (NY)  SD  					[East]		Group N
Martin O'Flynn	   (NY)  ST					[East]		Production GT
Jeremy Rowland	   (VT)  ST					[East]		Production GT
John McLeod	   (MA)	 MF					[East]		Production GT
Don DeRose	   (NY)	 MF					[East]		Production GT
Keith McHugh	   (NY)  MF					[East]		Production GT
Ryan Johnson	   (MN)	 OF					[East]		Production GT
Criag Marr	   (CA)	 OF					[East]		Production GT
Jerry Stang	   (MI)  LS					[East]		Production GT
Ken Nowak	   (MI)  SD					[East]		Group 5	
John Atsma	   (MI)  SD					[East]		Group 5    
Duffy Bowers	   (VA)	 MF					[East]		Group 5
Brian Schwantner   (MO)  MF					[East]		Group 5
Silas Himes 	   (MI)  SD					[East]		Group 2			
Eric Heitkamp	   (OH)  ST					[East]		Group 2
Dave Shindle	   (VA)  LS					[East]		Group 2
Jeff Feldt	   (WI)  LS					[East]		Group 2
Mike Hordijk	   (VA)	 MF					[East]		Production
Mustafa Samli	   (AZ)  RW					[West]		Open
Michael Jones	   (MN)  RW					[West]		Open							
Ieuan Thomas	   (UK)	 PP					[West]		Open
Dave Eppenson	   (CO)	 PP					[West]		Open
Heidi Meyer	   (MN)  PP					[West]		Open
Micah Johannson	   (MN)	 PP					[West]		Open
Michael Orr	   (UK)  RW 					[West]		Group N
Takako Akaba	   (JP)  PP					[West]		Group N
Alan Walker	   (CA)	 PP					[West]		Production GT
Wayne Hartzler	   (CO)	 CC					[West]		Production GT
Joe Andreini	   (MI)	 MF					[West]		Group 5
Adrian Lengsfeld   (CA)  RW					[West]		Group 5
Fran Olson	   (ID)	 PP					[West]		Group 2
Jonathan Schiller  (CA)  RW					[West]		Production

Co-Drivers by State: Co-Drivers by SCCA Division

New York	18		NEDIV   Total:  36		RMDIV  Total:    9
California	14		New York	18		Colorado	 8
Michigan	12		New Hampshire	 3		Idaho		 1
Colorado	 8		Vermont		 3		
Minnesota	 8 		New Jersey	 3		
Ohio		 5		Connecticut      2		MWDIV  Total:    1
Washington       4		Pennsylvania	 2		Missouri	 1
Vermont		 3 	 	Maine		 2
New Hampshire	 3		Massachusetts	 2
New Jersey	 3		Maryland	 1		SWDIV   Total:   0
Virginia	 3		
Georgia		 2
Connecticut      2		SEDIV   Total:   6		
Pennsylvania	 2   	        Virginia	 3	    	NORPAC  Total:   5			
Missouri	 2		Georgia		 2		Washington	 4	
Wisconsin	 2		Tennessee	 1		Oregon		 1 	        			
Maine		 2		 						
Arizona 	 2 						
Massachusetts	 2 		CENDIV  Total:  29		SOPAC   Total:  17					
Illnois	 	 1		Michigan	12		California	14 			
Nevada		 1		Minnesota	 8		Arizona 	 2
Maryland	 1		Ohio		 5		Nevada		 1
Indiana		 1		Wisconsin	 2			
Idaho		 1		Indiana		 1
Tennessee	 1		Illnois	 	 1
Oregon		 1

Canada		 7		   			
United Kindom    4
Ireland		 2
Jamaica		 1
Japan		 1

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