Sunriser 400 Pro Rally 1981



CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio-- After two years of "almost", New Zealander Rod Millen has captured the Sports Car Club of America's PRO Rally Championship. Millen and Co-driver R. Dale Kraushaar of Tigard, Oregon, won the SCCA Budweiser Sunriser 400 Rally going away, and in the process sewed up the driver's and co-driver's championships for themselves and the manufacturer's championship for Mazda. Their Mazda RX-7 led the 400 mile event from start to finish putting six minutes on the Datsun 510 of Jon Woodner of Washington, D.C., and Ginny Reese of Ann Arbor, Michigan--the defending Budweiser Sunriser Champions. The finish moved Woodner into fourth place in the overall standings; he has jumped from ninth place with good finishes in the last three events.

Third went to the Kiwi team of John Woolf and Grant Whittaker, both from Auckland, New Zealand, who overcame an early off road excursion and, later, brake problems with their Mazda RX-7 for another fine finish. Woolf is now second in the driver's championship. Fourth was the factory-backed French Peugeot 504 V-6 driven by the French-Canadian team of Joan-Paul Perusse and Louis Belanger of Montreal.

In the Production Class, the battle went to Guy Light of Midland, Michigan and his partner Jim Brandt of nearby Lake Odessa. They won the class in their American Motors Eagle SX/4 which survived a fight with a barbed wire fence ("We went through it and then had to go back through it to get back onto the road. At the control, we had to stop and unwind the wire from the car... .it scraped paint off everywhere.") The war, however, went to Jon Davis of Houghton, Michigan, and Harry Ward of Toledo, Ohio, who finished third in Production in their Saab 99 guaranteeing that, for the second year in a row, Davis, Ward, and Saab are the Production Class Champions. In fact, they are the only winners the class has ever had since it was only established as a championship catagory in 1980.

Second in Production in their best finish in that class ever were Bob Schaffner of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Gregg Mambourg of Lexington, Ohio, in a Datsun 510. They were one of the lucky ones--in all, only 32 of the record 69 car field were around at the finish. Two top contenders who did not finish were four time champion John Buffum who went out on the second stage with a broken half shaft on his Audi 5+5 and the factory-backed Production Peugeot 505 of Gary Eaton. They challenged Light's Eagle until an accident dropped them back late in the event.

Another big winner was BFGoodrich whose tires have shod the winners in 9 of the seasons 10 events so far. At the Budweiser Sunriser 400 BFG cars claimed the first three places and first in Production--not a bad nights work. Another Akron rubber company is starting to show some interest in the PRO Series and note was taken that the ninth place finishing car of Mark Hardymon and Tom Drake, a Plymouth Arrow, was wearing-brand new, company-supplied Firestones.

The 13-event PRO Rally Championship calendar now has three events left remaining on it. They are:

November6-8    Press On Regardless    Houghton, Michigan   Gary Hays (516) 947-4986
December5-5    Sno*Drift              Grayling, Michigan   Joe Andreini (313) 294-0271
December11-14  Reno international     Reno, Nevada         Cam Warren (702) 323-7446

SCCA CONTACT: Tim Cline (203) 453-1742, T. Michael Moreland (303) 770-1044


EVENT: Budweiser Sunriser 400			EVENT CONDUCTED BY: Ohio Valley Region, SCCA
LOCATION: Circieville, Ohio			LENGTH: 389 miles, 100 stage miles, 27 stages
DATE: October 10-11, 1981			WEATHER: Warm, dry, dusty
ENTRANTS: 69  FINISHERS: 32			TERRAIN: Forest roads, rolling hills

FIN.											CHAMP.	MFG
 1.	Rod Millen, Costa Mesa, CA		Mazda RX-7		115.28		20	20
	R. Dale Kraushaar, Tigard, OR							20

 2.	Jon Woodner, Washington, D.C.		Datsun 510		118.86		15	15
	Ginny Reese, Ann Arbor, MI					15

 3.	John Woolf, Santa Ana, CA		Mazda PX-7		120.59		12
	Grant Whittaker, Santa Ana, CA							12

 4.	Jean-Paul Perusse,Montreal,Ont.		Peugeot 504		120.80		10	10
	Louis Belanger, Lonqueuil ,Ont. 	Coupe V-6				10

 5.	Wayne Baldwin, Waldick, NJ		Volvo GLT		126.33		 8	 8
		Debra Baldwin, Waldick, NJ						 8

 6.	Bruno Kreibich, Ridgewood, NJ		Porsche 911		128.31		 6	 6
	Scott Hughes, Loveland, OH							 6

 7.(1P)	Guy Light, Midland, MI			AMC Eagle		129.95		 4
	Jim Brandt, Lake Odessa, MI		SX/4					 4           

 8.(2P)	Robert Schaffner, Pittsburgh, PA	Datsun 510		130.69		 3
	Gregg Mambourg, Lexington, OH							 3           

 9.(3P)	Jon Davis, Houghton, MI			Saab 99			133.37		 2
	Harry Ward, Toledo, OH								 2           

10.	Mark Hardymon, Powell, OH		Plymouth Arrow	133.85			 1
	Tom Drake, Columbus, OH								 1

 1.	Guy Light, Midland, MI			AMC Eagle		129.95		20	20
	Jim Brandt, Lake Odessa, MI		SX/4					20

 2.	Robert Schaffner, Pittsburgn, PA	Datsun 510		130.69		15	15
	Gregg Mambourg, Lexington, OH							15
 3.	Jon Davis, Houghton, MI			Saab 99			133.37		12	12
	Harry Ward, Toledo, OH								12


DRIVER (Current Car)						PRODUCTION DRIVER (Current Car)
1. Rod Millen, Mazda            140             		1. Jon Davis, Saab    		135
2. John Woolf, Mazda             91             		2. Gary Eaton, Peugeot 		 93
3. Juhn Buffum, Audi             86             		3. Guy Light, AMC      		 82
4. Jon Woodner, Datsun           61
5. Jean-Paul Perusse, Peugeot    50

1. R. Dale Kraushaar            140             		1. Harry Ward         		135
2. Doug Shepherd                101             		2. Carolyn Eaton       		 93
3. Grant Whittaker               91             		3. Jim Brandt          		 82
4. Joe Andreini                  48
5. Clark Bond                    46

1. Mazda                        187             		1. Saab               		172
2. Peugeot                       97             		2. Peugeot             		 99
3. Datsun                        61             		3. AMC                 		 82
4. Audi                          59
5. Dodge                         48

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