Sno*Drift Pro Rally 1983



GRAYLING, Michigan -- New Zealander Rod Millen claimed his third PRO Rally win of the season with a convincing 15 minute victory in the 268 mile Sports Car Club of America Sno*Drift in northern Michigan.

Millen of Costa Mesa, Calif., and his co-driver, Mike Parris of Los Angeles, took over the lead on tHe ninth stage afer john BuFfum put his Audi Quattro into a big rock destroying the transmission, some suspension, and bending the frame. At that point, the Mazda of Millen and Buffum's Quattro were within a few seconds of one another. Second place went to Mark and Andrew Klos of Fenton, Mich., who until this event had never finished in the top 10 at a PRO Rally, Their 4wd Jeep was a great help in the ice and snow of the back woods of Michigan.

Third went to Don Jankowski in his Dodge Charger, just 48 seconds behind the second place car. Jankowski had entered the event in the Production Class, but when a protest was made against his car, he switched to the Open Class rather than take a chance on being disqualified. That was probably a good choice as several other cars which were protested either failed to finish or were disqualified. In all, six protests were filed against Production Class cars. Four of the cars failed to finish and the two that did (Guy Light, Olds Omega and Gary Eaton, Peugeot 505) were disqualified. Light had finished second and won the Production Class in the provisional results and Eaton had been fifth overall and second in the Production Class.

After the protests were settled, the Production Class went to Calvin Landau of Coraopolis, Pa., in a Dodge Charger. He and co-driver Craig Marr of Chico, Calif., finished a half minute ahead of Ohioans Dan Coughnour and Eric Marcus in a Dodge Shelby. Third went to Gene Henderson and Jim Kloosterman in an AMC Eagle SX/4, Oddly, Steve Nowicki, whose Plymouth Arrow failed to finish after holing its oil pan on the ninth of the rally's 18 special stages, became the 1983 Production Champion because no one can overcome his point lead. Henderson was the only driver with a mathematical chance, but he needed a win at Sno*Drift and next week in Carson City to do it.

While the rally ended about 8:00am it took four hours for the protests to be sorted out and resolved. Nowicki's Arrow, Garry Henderson's Eagle, Erik Zenz's Saab 99, and Jankowski's Dodge were all protested in one form or another. Gene Henderson filed five of the claims, and Light filed the claim against Garry Henderson's Eagle.

The rally teams had to brave 10-degree temperatures and ice and snow-covered roads which claimed 11 of the 40 starters. In addition To Buffum's accident, at least two cars rolled and retired and several more went off the road into snpw banks. Jon Woodner's Peogeot made it to only the third stage before the tranmission filled up with neutral putting them out of the event before they even got started.

The teams now load up tHeir cars and start immediately for Nevada as the Carson City International PRO Rally is less than a week away. More than 60 teams are expected for the final event of the season and the run off to see if Audi or Mazda will be 1983 PRO Rally Manufacturers Champion.

SCCA CONTACTS: Tim Cline, 321 Saw Mill Road, Guilford, Connecticut 06437 (203)453-1742
T. Michael Moreland, 6750 S. Emporia St., Englewood, Colorado 80112


EVENT: Sno*Drift          					EVENT CONDUCTED BY: Detroit Reqion, SCCA
LOCATION: Grayling, Michigan              			LENGTH: 268 miles, 18 stages
DATE: December 3-4, 1983                  			WEATHER: Very cold, clear, snow on ground
ENTRANTS: 40 FINISHERS: 29             				TERRAIN: Flat, woodlands

										      PROD.  PROD.
FIN.                                    				CHAMP. MFG.   CHAMP. MFG.
 1.   	Rod Millen, Costa Mesa, Calif. 		Mazda 		115.49    20    20
	Mike Parris, Los Angeles, Calif.	RX-7			  20

 2.   	Mark Klos, Fenton, Mich.     		AMC Jeep     	130.09 	  15 	15
	Andrew Klos, Fenton, Mich                      			  15

 3.   	Don Jankowski, Farmington, Mich.     	Dodge     	130.88    12 	12
	Karen Landau, Coraopolis, Pa.        	Charger          	  12

 4.(1P)	Calvin Landau, Coraopolis, Pa. 		Dodge        	134.47    10    	20     20
	Craig Marr, Chico, Calif.		Charger			  10		20     
 5.(2P)	Dan Coughnour, Englewood, Ohio  	Dodge 		134.90     8    	15
	Eric Marcus, Xenia, Ohio    		Shelby             	   8            15

 6.(3P)	Gene Henderson, Pinckney, Mich. 	AMC Eagle	136.77     6    	12     12
         Jim Kloosterman, Cincinnati, Ohio              		   6            12

 7.   	Carl Kieranen, Toivola, Mich.        	Mazda     	137.19     4
        Jerry Bruso,  Toivola, Mich.		RX-3			   4

 8.(4P) Davieson Annis, Framingham, Mass.   	VW Rabbit 	137.21     3   		10     10
	Jim Blumenfeld, Weston, Mass.					   3		10

 9.   	Doug Ort, London, Ontario    		Mazda   	138.48     2
	Dave Munsch, London, Ontario 		RX-3              	   2

10	Mike Purzycki, Fenton, Mich.            AMC Jeep 	139.09	   1
     	Ken Middleton, Holly, Mich.                    			   1

 1.	Calvin Landau, Coraopolis, Pa. 		Dodge        	134.47    20     20
	Craig Marr, Chico, Calif.		Charger			  20     
 2.	Dan Coughnour, Englewood, Ohio  	Dodge 		134.90    15
	Eric Marcus, Xenia, Ohio    		Shelby             	  15

 3.	Gene Henderson, Pinckney, Mich. 	AMC Eagle	136.77    12     12
         Jim Kloosterman, Cincinnati, Ohio              		  12


 DRIVER (Current Car)         	       		PRODUCTION DRIVER (Current Car)
 1.	John Buffum, Audi	  120      	1.	Steve Nowicki, Plymouth	       102
 2. 	Rod Millen, Mazda 	  100      	2. 	Gene Henderson, AMC 		87
 3. 	Jon Woodner, Peugeot   	   83           3. 	Guy Light, Oldsmubile    	74

CO-DRIVER                    			PRODUCTION CO-DRIVER
 1. 	Doug Shepherd     	  100      	1. 	Craig Marr          		86
 2. 	Ginny Reese       	   83      	2. 	Jim Kloosterman		       	75
 3. 	R. Dale Kraushaar	   77      	3. 	Brian Berg     			68

 1. 	Audi            	  135      	1. 	Plymouth             		96
 2. 	Mazda             	  127      	2. 	AMC                 		88
 3. 	Peugeot           	   63      	3. 	Dodge               		86
                             		SEED WINNERS

       FIA/SEED 1 - Millen/Parris                  	SEED 4 - Landau/Marr
           SEED 2 - Henderson/Kloosterman              	SEED 5 - Klos/Klos
           SEED 3 - Jankowski/Landau                   	SEED 6 - Beach/Binder

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