100 Acre Wood PRO Rally 1983



SALEM, Missouri-- The 1983 PRO Rally season picked up right where 1982 left off with an intense battle between the Audi Quattro of John Buffum and the Mazda RX-7 of Rod Millen at last weekend's 100 Acre Wood PRO Rally. Vermonter Buffum came out on top again with a five minute victory over "Kiwi" Millen -- but it was a lot closer than that. Although a timing error at the last start control cost Millen and co-driver Mike Parris (editor at Off Road magazine) five additional minutes, Buffum and Millen's stage times were only 36/100 of a minute apart after the 10 hour, 250 mile rally. Even with the penalty, Millen was still able to finish in second place just 34/100 ahead of the Peugeot 504 Coupe of Jon Woodner and Ginny Reese.

Production Class has turned into an all American show with Detroit manufacturers taking the first seven spots. 1982 Production Champ Steve Nowicki came back as hot as ever, and won again in his Plymouth Arrow with Gene Henderson second in an AMC Eagle SX/4. The spread was just over a minute, and it looks like PRO Rallying is in for another year of close Production battles. Cal Landau was third another 27/100 back in his Plymouth Turismo. John Crawford debuted a new Dodge Shelby with a cautious fourth less than a minute off the pace. Erik Zenz drove a great rally, finishing third in Production Class, but it came to naught when a protest against his special tires was upheld and he was disqualified.

New drive of the night went to Mark Hardymon who brought his fresh Mazda RX-7 down for its first trial. The car is beautifully turned out and is going to be a real screamer. He put the car into fourth overall and, near the end of the rally, was trading times with Woodner in the Peugeot. `Most ancient" class went to Eric Jones in his Datsun 510 who finished sixth overall. He beat Dave Nicholas in an equally old Dodge Colt. Nicholas finished ninth overall in spite of laying the car on its side on the rally's first stage.

Notable non-finishers included Larry Schmidt, whose Dodge Colt spun a rod bearing on the second stage; Guy Light, whose Production Oldsmobile dropped a half shaft on the first stage; Dan Coughnour, who broke both axles on his Berrien Buggy on stage two; and Gary Eaton, whose Peugeot 505 Production car blew a head gasket on stage eight.

Listed among the non-starters was Marek Baranski who had hoped to start the new Renault Fuego Turbo. The car has been provisionally allowed into the Production Class and every one is waiting to see how it will do. They will just have to wait another event. The Renault's transporter had trouble and the car arrived too late to start the rally.

The rally itself was not without problems as the longest stage of the event had to be cancelled when a dispute arose with local wildlife authorities. Rather than hold up the rally, organizers decided to cancel the section and shorten another section. Another stage was also thrown out due to a report of local traffic.

There is not much time for the PRO Rally folks to breathe as they now head to Chillicothe, Ohio for the Budweiser Forest PRO Rally just two weeks away. The latest rumor has Ford introducing its new team of Escorts at that event.

SCCA CONTACTS: Tim Cline, 321 Saw Mill Road, Guilford, Connecticut 06437 (203)453-1742
T. Michael Moreland, 6750 S. Emporia St., Englewood, Colorado 80112


EVENT: 100 Acre Wood                    		EVENT CONDUCTED BY: St. Louis Region, SCCA
LOCATION: Salem, Missouri               		LENGTH: 260 miles, 110 stage miles
DATE: March 12-13, 1983                 		WEATHER: Cool , clear, dry
ENTRANTS: 51 FINISHERS: 36            			TERRAIN: Forest, hills

FIN.                                    						CHAMP. MFG.
 1.   	John Buffum, S. Burlington, Vt.   	Audi Quattro  	 	54.39   	20    	20
     	Doug Shepherd, Livonia, Mich.                              			20

 2.   	Rod Millen, Costa Mesa, Calif.    	Mazda RX-7  	 	59.77   	15    	15
     	Mike Parris, Saugus, Calif.                                			15

 3.   	Jon Woodner, Washington, D.C.     	Peugeot 504    	 	60.11   	12    	12
     	Ginny Reese, Chelsea, Mich.          	Coupe                			12

 4.   	Mark Hardymon, Powell, Ohio       	Mazda RX-7     		61.83   	10
     	Tom Drake, Columbus, Ohio                                  			10

 5.(1P)	Steve Nowicki, New Berlin, Wis.   	Plymouth       		64.16   	 8    	 8  
     	Brian Berg, Brown Deer, Wis.        	Arrow                 				 8          

 6.   	Eric Jones, Westerville, Ohio     	Datsun 510     		64.67   	 6    	 6
     	George Bittner, Plain City, Ohio                           			 6

 7.(2P)	Gene Henderson, Pinckney, Mich.   	Eagle SX/4     		65.58   	 4
     	Jim Kloosterman, Ypsilanti, Mich.                          			 4         

 8.(3P)	Calvin Landau, Coraopolis, Pa.    	Plymouth       		65.85   	 3
     	Karen Landau, Coraopolis, Pa.      	Turismo                			 3          

 9.   	Dave Nicholas, Misawaka, Ind.     	Dodge Colt     		66.08   	 2
     	Marv Miller, White Pigeon, Ind.                            			 2

10.(4P)	John Crawford, Okmulgee, Okla.    	Dodge Shelby   		66.67   	 1
     	Craig Marr, Oroville, Calif.                               			 1         

                                 PRODUCTION CLASS WINNERS
 1.   	Steve Nowicki, New Berlin, Wis.   	Plymouth       		64.16   	20    	20
      	Brian Berg, Brown Deer, Wis.        	Arrow                 			20

 2.   	Gene Henderson, Pinckney, Mich.   	Eagle SX/4     		65.58   	IS    	15
      	Jim Kloosterman, Ypsilanti, Mich.                          			15

 3.   	Calvin Landau, Coraopolis, Pa.    	Plymouth       		65.85   	12
      	Karen Landau, Coraopolis, Pa.      	Turismo                			12

DRIVER (Current Car)                         		PRODUCTION DRIVER (Current Car)
1. John Buffum, Audi           20          		1. Steve Nowicki, Plymouth          20
2. Rod Millen, Mazda           15          		2. Gene Henderson, AMC              15
3. Jon Woodner, Peugeot        12          		3. Calvin Landau, Plymouth          12

CO-DRIVER                                    		PRODUCTION CO-DRIVER
1. Doug Shepherd               20          		1. Brian Berg                       20
2. Mike Parris                 15          		2. Jim Kloosterman                  15
3. Ginny Reese                 12          		3. Karen Landau                     12

MANUFACTURER                                 		PRODUCTION MANUFACTURER
1. Audi                        20          		1. Plymouth                         20
2. Mazda                       15          		2. American Motors                  15
3. Peugeot                     12          		3. Dodge                            10

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