Centennial PRO Rally 1981

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 12, 1981


MONUMENT, Colorado -- New Zealander Rod Millen pushed his magnificent Mazda RX-7 to a four minute win over a talent-laden 32-car field at the 225 mile, 11 hour Centennial PRO Rally this weekend. The Costa Mesa, Calif., resident and his co-driver, Bob Kraushaar of Tigard, Ore., were challenged closely by the all-Kiwi team of John Woolf and Grant Whittaker (both presently live in Santa Ana, Calif.) in a similar RX-7. The RX-7's ran nip and tuck to near the halfway point when Woolf's car stalled on a special stage and had to be push-started costing the team several minutes. Third in the all-night SCCA PRO Rally which ran to elevations over 10,000 feet in the Colorado mountains near Pikes Peak went to Jon Woodner of Washington, D.C., and Clark Bond of Bay City, Mich., whose Datsun 510 suffered from chronic electrical problems, eventually forcing them to run on just one headlight. Fourth, in the best finish they had ever had in a PRO Rally, were Bill Pichardo and Jim Lippincott of nearby Boulder, Colo., whose Chevrolet Monza ran flawlessly all night. It was the first time co-driver Lippincott had ever navigated a PRO event. Audi finally got into the winner's circle in a big way with a fifth overall and a first in the Production Class with the five-cylinder Audi 5+5 of Bill Brooks of Olympia, Wash., and Bill Banger, of Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. Second in Production went to the factory backed Peugeot 505 driven by the Ann Arbor, Mich., team of Gary and Carolyn Eaton. It was the fifth time this season that they have finished in the top three in their class. Third in Production went to another Michigan team, Guy Light of Midland and Jim Brandt of Lake Odessa, in a 4wd AMC Eagle SX/4. In all, Production Class cars claimed five of the top ten positions in the field which was reduced to 17 at the finish.

The win for Millen, his fifth of the season, moves him and Mazda into a commanding lead in the points standing. While there is still a mathematical chance for someone else to win the championship, it is now virtually assured for the personable Kiwi. The next event on the SCCA PRO Rally will be the Tour de Forest out of Olympia, Washington, October 3-4.

SCCA CONTACT: Tim Cline (203) 453-1742, T. Michael Moreland (303) 770-1044


EVENT: Centennial PRO Rally					EVENT CONDUCTED BY: Colorado Region, SCCA
LOCATfON: Monument, Colorado					LENGTH: 225 miles, 12 stages (112 stage miles)
DATE: September 11-12, 1981					WEATHER: Cool, rain, snow at high altitudes
ENTRANTS: 32 FINISHERS: 17					TERRAIN: Mountains with forests, winding roads

FIN											CHAMP	MFG
 1.  	Rod Millen, Costa Mesa, CA    		Mazda RX-7   		167.27   	20   	20
    	Bob Kraushaar, Tigard, OR                           				20

 2.  	John Woolf, Santa Ana, CA     		Mazda RX-7   		171.51   	15
     	Grant Whittaker, Santa Ana, CA                           			15
 3.  	Jon Woodner, Washington, D.C. 		Datsun 510   		182.50   	12   	12
      	Clark Bond, Bay City, MI                            				12

 4.  	Bill Pichardo, Boulder, CO    		Chevy Monza  		187.45   	10   	10
     	Jim Lippincott, Boulder, CO                         				10

 5.(1P)	Bill Brooks, Olympia, WA    		Audi 5+5  		191.37 		 8    	 8  
      	Bill Banger, Coeur D'Alene, ID                      				 8    
 6.(2P)	Gary Eaton, Ann Arbor, MI   		Peugeot 505 		193.25    	 6    	 6 
     	Carolyn Eaton, Ann Arbor, MI                         				 6        

 7.(3P)	Guy Light, Midland, MI			AMC Eagle  		195.30 		 4    	 4 
     	Jim Brandt, Lake Odessa, MI                          				 4 
 8.  	Larry Burch, Rochester, NY    		Dodge Colt   		199.82    	 3    	 3
      	Dean Galbreath, Aurora, CO                           				 3

 9.(4P)	Erik Zenz, West Allis, WI   		Saab 99   		204.42 		 2    	 2    
      	Dave Hueppchen, Plymouth, WI                         				 2        

10.(5P)	Roger Suppes, Saginaw, MI   		Toyota Corolla   	204.71    	 1    	 1  
      	Woody Crutchfield, Frankenmuth, MI                        			 1 

 1.    	Bill Brooks, Olympia, WA      		Audi 5+5      		191.37   	20    	20
     	Bill Banger, Coeur D'Alene, ID                             			20

 2.    	Gary Eaton, Ann Arbor, MI     		Peugeot 505   		193.25   	15    	15
     	Carolyn Eaton, Ann Arbor, MI                         				15

 3.    	Guy Light, Midland, MI        		AMC Eagle     		195.30   	12    	12
     	Jim Brandt, Lake Odessa, MI                          				12


DRIVER (Current Car)						PRODUCTION DRIVER (Current Car)
1. Rod Millen, Mazda          	127				1. Jon Davis, Saab		130
2. John Buffum, Audi          	 74				2. Gary Eaton, Peugeot   	 78
3. John Woolf, Mazda           	 67				3. Guy Light, AMC        	 62
4. Larry Schmidt, Dodge        	 48
5. Jon Woodner, Datsun		 36

1. Bob Kraushoar       		127				1. Harry Ward             	130
2. Doug Shepherd        	 89				2. Carolyn Eaton           	 78
3. Grant Whittaker      	 67				3. Jim Brandt              	 62
4. Joe Andreini         	 48
5. Clark Bond         		 36

1. Mazda               		147				1. Saab                   	140
2. Peugeot              	 81				2. Peugeot                 	 78
3. Dodge                	 48				3  AMC				 62
4. Audi                 	 47
5. Datsun               	 36

                           UPCOMING 1981 SCCA PRO RALLY EVENTS
    October 3-4    Tour de Forest   	Olympia, Washington   	Jerry Hines (206) 823-6307
    October 10-11  Budweiser Sunriser 	Circleville, Ohio   	Richard Paddock (614) 876-2277
    November 6-8   Press On Regardless 	Houghton, Michigan  	Gary Hays (616) 947-4986
    December 5-6   Sno*Drift        	Grayling, Michigan    	Joe Andreini (313) 294-0271

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