Centennial PRO Rally 1982

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 13, 1982


MONUMENT, Colorado-- In a picture repeat of two weeks ago, the 235 mile Miller Centennial PRO Rally found it was John Buffum's Audi, Rod Millen's Mazda, and Jon Woodner's Peugeot finishing 1, 2, 3. In Production, however, Sandy Liversidge ended his own slump and stopped Steve Nowicki's streak at the same time, Liversidge put his Saab 99 a minute and a half ahead of Gene Henderson's AMC Eagle SX/4 to claim his second Production Class win of the year and keep himself within striking distance of leader Nowicki.

As if it needed it, Buffum's Audi Quattro had all of the advantages at the all night PRO Rally. The 10,000 foot altitude of many of the rally's stages were just right for the turbo- charged 300 hp engine and the snow, rain, and mud allowed the 4wd to do its thing. On top of that, the car runs extra big B.F.Goodrich Mud Terrain light truck tires that seem to be bullet proof against the sharp Rocky Mountain rocks. Millen continues to outrun everyone but Buffum--by a good bit. But don't be surprised to see a 4wd RX-7 in the future--Millen will only smile when asked about it.

Lots of heavyweight factory teams went out early--especially in the Production Class. Guy Light lost the clutch on his Oldsmobile Omega before the first corner of the first stage. Then Jon Davis blew the engine on his Ford Escort on the third stage and John Crawford bogged down trying to get passed and his Dodge Omni went out. Then Bill Brooks' Audi Coupe rolled a tire off the rim on the second stage, got caught in the aforementioned stage blockage on the third stage, lost all the lights on the fourth stage and finally hit a tree on the eighth stage. Even with- that many factory teams out, there were still plenty around. Right behind Henderson, trying hard to catch him, was Gary Eaton in the Peugeot 505 giving Eaton a well deserved points finish.

Jean-Paul Luc brought a new Renault 5 Turbo over from France to do the rest of the PRO Championship and the Miller Centennial was its premier event. There were the usual breaking-in problems, but the team is probably pretty happy with their fourth place finish. That was just over a minute behind Woodner in his Peugeot--giving Jon the French car class for the rally. The little Turbo wasn't at home on the very rough roads of this rally, but some of the latter PRO Rallies should suit it very well.

Best private showing of the night and winner of the determination award goes to Mark Hardymon whose crew had to rebuild a blown engine the night before the rally with the help of some B.F.Goodrich people--very friendly considering that Hardymon is a Firestone contract driver. The car was healthy and Mark captured fifth overall--right behind all of that factory iron.

The Datsun(BFG Datsun 200 SX Production Class car was driven by Thos L. Bryant and Richard Baron of Road and Track Magazine. They too got caught in the delays on stage 3 and lost 20 or so minutes. They pressed on in the true rally spirit, however, and finished 19th overall. Current Production class leader Steve Nowicki got caught in the delay, then had a puncture, then spun off the road and eventually finished 8th in the class keepinq in tact his perfect finishing record this year.

The PRO Rally series now moves back to the northwest for the Tour de Forest PRO Rally to be run out of Olympia, Washington, October 1-3.

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EVENT: Miller Centennial                		EVENT CONDUCTED BY: Colorado Region, SCCA
LOCATION: Monument, Colorado            		LENGTH: 235 miles, 10 stages, 97 stage miles
DATE: September 11-12, 1982             		WEATHER: Rain, snow and mud
ENTRANTS: 37 FINISHERS: 19            			TERRAIN: Mountainous, twisty

FIN.											CHAMP. MFG.
 1.    	John Buffum, S. Burlington, Vt.   	Audi Quattro  		131.57  	20    	20
        Doug Shepherd, Livonia, Mich.                             			20

 2.     Rod Millen, Costa Mesa, CA    		Mazda RX-7    		134.08  	15    	15
        R.Dale Kraushaar, Tigard, OR                          				15

 3.     Jon Woodner, Washington, D.C.     	Peugeot 504   		141.79  	12    	12
        Ginny Reese, Chelsea, Mich.       	V6                     			12

 4.     Jean-Paul Luc, Marseille, France  	Renault 5     		142.93  	10    	10
        Leon LeJeune, Verviers, Belgium   	Turbo                  			10

 5.     Mark Hardymon, Columbus, Ohio     	Plymouth      		151.34  	 8    	 8
        Tom Drake, Columbus, Ohio         	Arrow                   		 8

 6.(1P) Sandy Liversidge, Jericho, Vt.    	Saab 99       		153.36  	 6    	 6    
       	Linda Wilcox, Jericho, Vt.                                			 6 

 7.(2P) Gene Henderson, Pinckney, Mich.     	AMC SX-4      		154.02  	 4              
        Jim Kloosterman, Ypsilanti, Mich.                         			 4

 8.(3P) Gary Eaton, Ann Arbor, Mich.      	Peugeot 505   		155.63  	 3
        Carolyn Eaton, Ann Arbor, Mich.                           			 3   

 9.     Al Schmit, Fort Lee, N.J.         	Volkswagen    		163.89  	 2
        Kelvin Dodd, Arvada, Colo.                                			 2

1O.(4P) Roger Suppes, Saginaw, Mich.      	Toyota        		163.90  	 1  
        Woody Crutchfield, Frankenmuth, MI  	Corolla                			 1 

 1.     Sandy Liversidge, Jericho, Vt.     	Saab 99       		153.36  	20    	20
        Linda Wilcox, Jericho, Vt.                                			20

 2.     Gene Henderson, Pinckney, Mich.   	AMC SX-4      		154.02  	15    	15
        Jim Kloosterman, Ypsilanti, Mich.                         			15

 3.     Gary Eaton, Ann Arbor, Mich.      	Peugeot 505   		155.63  	12    	12
        Carolyn Eaton, Ann Arbor, Mich.                           			12


DRIVER (Current Car)                      		PRODUCTION DRIVER (Current Car)
1. John Buffum, Audi    120             		1. Steve Nowicki, Plymouth     93
2. Rod Millen, Mazda    100             		2. Sandy Liversidge, Saab      78
3. Jon Woodner, Peugeot  69             		3. Gene Henderson, AMO         68

CO-DRIVER                                 		PRODUCTION CO-DRIVER
1. Doug Shepherd,       120             		1. Jim Kloosterman             68
2. R. Dale Kraushaar    100             		2. Linda Wilcox                67
3. Ginny Reese           42             		3. Brian Berg                  63

1. Audi                 120             		1. Plymouth                    108
2. Mazda                100             		2. Saab                         90
3. Peugeot               76             		3. AMC                          78

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