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October 8, 2004
  Contact: Curtis Kitchen

SCCA, Rally America Negotiations Progressing

TOPEKA, Kansas - Sports Car Club of America and Rally America officials met Thursday, discussing the transition of the ProRally and ClubRally programs from SCCA to Rally America.

After the productive talks closed, several key components of the transition, including rules, licensing and tentative scheduling had been resolved.

"Our meeting with SCCA was extremely productive," said President of Rally America Doug Havir. "I would like to personally thank Steve Johnson and his staff for helping to make this transition as smooth as possible. They are doing absolutely everything within their power to assist Rally America, and because both sides are working toward a common goal, I have no doubt that rally in the United States will grow stronger than ever."

Havir also said that Rally America is currently in negotiations with multiple insurance brokers. After discussions were completed Thursday, the following agreements were set for 2005:

- Rally America will begin issuing its own competition licenses Jan. 1, 2005, and will honor current SCCA competition licenses until their expiration date.

- Rally America will use the 2005 SCCA rule book, event operations manual, log books and class structure.

- Competitors who hold a valid SCCA membership will receive a rebate on their event entry fee in 2005.

- Rally America plans on releasing a 2005 rally schedule at the SCCA Lake Superior ProRally event (Oct. 23-24), the final round of the SCCA ProRally Championship Presented by Hot Wheels®.

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