Wild West Rally
Round #1 - 1993 Subaru PRO Rally Championship
April 23 - 24, 1993

Press Notes
by Andy Schupack

Final Results

Press Notes #1 
Wild West PRO Rally, Olympia, Washington
Round #1 - 1993 Subaru PRO Rally Championship 
Thursday, April 22, 1993 
8:00 PM

 1.	Welcome to the opening event of the 1993 Subaru PRO Rally 
	Championship, as well as the initial running of the Wild West PRO 
	Rally, in Olympia, Washington. Although the organizing committee
      	headed by Bob Grass of Kent, Wash. and John Forespring of Olympia is a 
	veteran group, it is the first time these two men have been the 
	organizers of the Olympia PRO Rally. Former organizer Ray Damitio, 
	who will be entered as a co-driver for local standout Grant Whiting 
	(car #123 - Dodge Colt), is still involved with the rally however, as 
	his PDE Auto Body business in the Olympia Auto Mall is lending 
	facilities for both the press room and rally scoring operations.

 2.	Before we talk about the top competitors who are here, let's mention a 
	few of those who aren't.
     	 --Chad DiMarco, Subaru Legacy, '92 Group A champion - plans to run the 
	   rest of the season in Group A; skipping this event because 
	   sponsorship arrangements are not complete.
     	 --Bruno Kreibich, Audi Quattro, '91 Open class champion - will run 
	   selected events starting with STPR in Wellsboro, Penn.
     	 --Frank Spongl, Audi Quattro, '92 Maine Forest Rally winner - hopes 
	   to make five or six events this year starting with Rim of the World 
	   in California.
     	 --Tim O'Neil, Mitsubishi Galant, last year's Capitol Forest Rally 
	   winner - could not secure sponsorship for '93 - sold his car 
	   to Frank Cunningham (entered as car #93 this weekend).
     	 --W.G. Giles, VW GTI, clinched '92 Production class championship in 
	   Olympia last year - still seeking sponsorship for a new team.
     	 --Cal Landau, Mitsubishi Eclipse, '91 Production class champion - 
	   will debut new car at STPR.
 3.	Although the conditions this weekend are expected to be muddy
       	in the Capitol Forest - as usual - the forecast for Friday night and
       	Saturday calls for mostly clear skis with highs in the '50s during the
       	day and lows in the '40s at night. Also, because the rally is being
       	held in the spring rather than the fall - no slippery piles of leaves.
 4.	The Hyundai Elantra of Rod Millen/Phil Berg is a Millen Motorsports
       	car originally built for Jamaican Peter Moodie (who made his only
       	American PRO Rally appearance at Olympia in 1991). The car has had
       	its suspension modified to match the Jamaican rally conditions, and
       	this is a final test before the car is scheduled to return to Jamaica.
       	This factory-backed effort is only officially slated to run one event,
       	but both PRO rally fans and organizers hope that Rod and Hyundai
       	figure a way to campaign the car for the rest of the season. Millen
       	is also preparing an Elantra - hillclimb style - for the upcoming
       	Pike's Peak event. He won his class in last year's Pike's Peak race
       	in a Hyundai Scoup. Although Millen lost his ride in the Asia-Pacific
       	series with Mazda, he continues to campaign a Toyota Pickup in the
       	Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group stadium series.

 5.	Besides Millen's entry, probably two of the most anticipated debuts in
       	PRO Rally in recent years will take place here in Olympia on Friday.
       	Jeff Zwart, a formula car racer and well-known filmmaker - who took up
       	rallying in the late '80s and won the Open class title in 1990 - has
       	teamed up with Millen Motorsports to build a rare car on the rally
       	scene - a Porsche. Zwart's Carrera 4 - an all-wheel-drive 911 -
       	received technical input from Alwin Springer - builder of 962 IMSA
       	racing engines - at Porsche North America, and has components from
       	Porsche's 959 Paris-Dakar rally entries.
 6.	The other spectacular entry which will debut has been built by
        Millen's closest rival in the '70s and '80s in the U.S. - John Buffum.
        Buffum's Libra Racing shop has built a Ford Escort Cosworth - rated at
        more than 400 horsepower, for Open class contender Carl Merrill.
        Merrill, who was leading the Capitol Forest Stages in Olympia last
        year with only two legs to go when he ran off the road and suffered
        two flat tires, sold his '92 Mitsubishi Eclipse to up-and-coming Open
        class contender Henry Joy (car #12). Merrill's car, which ran at full
        speed for the first time during a testing session today, has a full
        seven-speed, clutchless transmission.
 7.	But the favorite to win the event has to be defending Subaru PRO Rally
        Championship titleholder Paul Choiniere. Choiniere also has a new
        car to debut - an Audi Quattro S-2. This car, in full European rally
        trim with Audi's latest 20-valve, 2.3-liter, twin cam turbo engine, is
        a result of "Audi wanting to see the latest model out there,"
        according to an Audi source. Does this mean that Audi of America is
        sponsoring the Libra Racing effort. Not exactly, but look for the
        factory to take some credit if this car succeeds. And Choiniere has
        been the most consistent driver on the U.S. PRO Rally circuit over the
        last four years.
 8.	Several other drivers in the Open class have entries capable of top
        overall finishes. The B.J. Beal/Bob Davenport (Davenport subbing for
        B.J.'s brother Stuart, who would be co-driving except for a business
        commitment) Mazda 323GTX is an ex-Rod Millen Asia Pacific racer, and
        won the '91 Rim of the World event.
 9.	Although Dick Corley's Mitsubishi Eclipse is not brand new (the
       	Vermont Sports Car Shop is building him a new car which should debut
       	mid-season), the Lance Smith-headed effort is one of the most well-
       	equipped cars on the circuit just as it sits. Like Merrill, Corley has
       	a full Group A rally transmission; his allows him to downshift without
       	the use of a clutch.

10.	Henry Joy, the top rookie for 1992 in his Mazda 323GTX, has bought
       	Carl Merrill's 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse and will run in the Open class
       	with veteran co-driver Jimmy Brandt. Joy has tested the car during
       	the off-season and is ready to challenge the top runners.
11.	Greg Lund, from Bellevue, Wash., the top local entry, will be running
       	with co-driver Mike Huffman instead of his usual navigator, wife
12.	In Group A, Vinny Frontinan and Frank Arruda, who were class runner-
       	ups in 1992, have built a new Group A Mitsubishi Galant VR-4. With
       	his main Group A rival Chad DiMarco missing from the event, Vinny and
       	Frank could get a jump on the points lead by finishing as the only
       	Group A entry.
13. 	Likewise, the Peter Cunningham/Joe Andreini Acura Integra GS-R is one
       	of only two Production class cars running at this event. Cunningham,
       	who finished a spectacular second overall in his first-ever rally last
       	year at Rim of the World, would have contended for the class
       	championship if his Firestone Firehawk schedule hadn't caused several
       	event conflicts. He was a champion in the Firehawk series in a Dodge
       	Stealth. The other entry is a new Mitsubishi Eclipse driven by
       	Tony and Liz Shumaker.
14.	The Production GT class will be very competitive at Wild West, with
       	Mitsubishi Galants and Eclipses battling a lone Mazda 323GTX. The
       	Mazda, driven by Rick Beson and Geoff Case, from Portland, will have
       	its hands full keeping up with the barrage of Mitsubishis - all
       	chasing the $2,500 contingency award the company has posted for winning
       	each class. The Production GT Mitsubishis look like this:
       	--Lon Peterson/Bill Gutzmann, overall fastest car at Rim of the
          World last year as a divisional entry - in a Mitsubishi Eclipse.
        --Todd Bawden/Cal Coatsworth, Mitsubishi Eclipse.
       	--Sakis Hajiminas/Tom Burgess, Mitsubishi Eclipse
       	--Ivan Orisek/Olga Orisek, Mitsubishi Eclipse
       	--Frank Cunningham/Charles Bradley - bought '92 Capitol Forest
          Stages winning Mitsubishi Galant from Tim O'Neil
       	--Antonio Menendez/Juan Boya - new Mexican team - Mitsubishi

15.	In the Rally Truck class, the Mitsubishi contingency money is again
        showing its presence as the top two teams have dropped their '92
        mounts in favor of Mitsubishi pickup. '92 class champions Gary and
        Judi Gooch, and runner ups Roger Hull - with co-driver John Elkin for
        this event) have left their Toyota and Jeep entries respectively in
        favor of Mitsubishi. What is of interest is that Guy Light, the '91
        champion, who did not run in '92, is here as well, and is certainly
        capable of winning the class in his GMC Sonoma pickup and depriving
        the Mitsubishi entrants of their money.

Press Notes #2
Wild West PRO Rally, Olympia, Washington
Round #1 - 1993 Subaru PRO Rally Championship
Friday, April 23, 1993
2:00 PM
16.	Word from Williston, Vermont is that Paul Choiniere's wife, Lori,
       	who is eight months plus pregnant, is having contractions about two
       	minutes apart. Choiniere has opted to stay home for the impending
       	birth, and will not be in Olympia to run the Wild West Rally.
       	Fortunately, his entrant, owner of Libra Racing and step-father John
       	Buffum, who has won this rally several times, will step in and drive
       	the team's new Audi S-2. Buffum, who has kept his competition license
       	current and frequently drives in Canadian rallies, has not driven in a
       	U.S. PRO Rally since 1989. That was also the last time that Buffum
       	and rival Rod Millen - who has concentrated on rallies in the Asia-
       	Pacific series since then - have met toe-to-toe in a U.S. event.
       	Both Millen and Buffum have won the Olympia event during the '80s.
17. 	51 cars will take the green flag in downtown Shelton,
       	Washington, for the start of the Wild West PRO Rally. Because this
       	event has been moved to the first rally of the season, this is the
       	largest turnout for a national PRO rally here in some time. In the
       	past, many of the national competitors would pass up the event
       	because it was so late in the season and such a long trip.
18.	The Vinny Frontinan/Frank Arruda Mitsubishi Galant has been moved from
       	Group A to Production GT.
19.	During the media demonstration stage this morning, the Gary Gooch/Judi
       	Gooch Mitsubishi pickup was running a little lean, but the Goochs have
       	the Haltech computerized engine control system in their car, so
       	changing the fuel mixture is just a matter of punching in some new
20.	Several of the teams had more trouble getting here than they are
        likely to have during the rally. The Libra Racing Audi S-2, now being
        driven by John Buffum, sustained body damage when the car's
        transporter flipped over after skidding on an ice patch in South
        Dakota. Fortunately, everyone was okay, and the team was able to
        proceed to Washington. Also, it is fortunate that registration and
        tech was at PDE Auto Body, so the car was repaired in short order.
21.	Also experiencing problems was the brand new transport vehicle just
       	purchased and customized by Porsche entrant Jeff Zwart. The
       	transporter, complete with car, spares and tools, broke its
       	transmission only a few hours out of L.A. The team was forced to rent
       	a U-Haul, and transfer all the stuff before heading out of town. And
       	the transporter? The parts are backordered.

Press Notes #3
Wild West PRO Rally, Olympia, Washington
Round #1 - 1993 Subaru PRO Rally Championship
Friday, April 23, 1993
8:00 PM
22.	A correction on note #16 on Millen vrs. Buffum. Upon further
        reflection, it was determined that Millen and Buffum had not raced
        against each other since 1987, not 1989. This lead Millen to to quip,
        with apologies to ESPN's new auto racing show, that he and Buffum
        aren't racing vintage cars; they're just vintage race drivers, or
        "Fast Masters."
23.	The Jeff Zwart/Tony Sircombe Porsche Carrera 4 team is treating the
        rally like a "test session," according Zwart. The team hopes to run
        as many stages as possible to help dial in the car's many complex
        suspension and drivetrain systems.
24.     After the first stage, we have the following top scores:
        Driver/Co-driver        Car              Time (min:sec)   Class
       	Buffum/Becker           Audi Quattro S-2      4:41        Open
       	Millen/Berg             Hyundai Elantra       4:43        Open
       	Merrill/Wickens         Ford Escort Cosworth  5:01        Open
        Peterson/Gutzmann       Mitsubishi Eclipse    5:06        GT
        Lund/Huffman            Mazda 323GTX          5:14        Open
        Zwart/Sircombe          Porsche Carrera 4     5:14        Open
        Hadjiminas/Burgess      Mitsubishi Eclipse    5:15        GT
        Cunningham/Bradley      Mitsubishi Eclipse    5:18        GT
        Beal/Davenport          Mazda 323GTX          5:23        Open
        Beson/Case              Mazda 323GTX          5:23        GT
        Bryan/Simons            Saab 900              5:26        Open
        Johnson/Bradley         Toyota Corolla        5:26        Open
        Corley/Headland         Mitsubishi Eclipse    5:26        Open
        Light/White             GMC Sonoma Pick-up    5:30        Truck*
        Cunningham/Andreini     Acura Integra         5:40        Prod*
       	*others have better times overall, but these two entries lead
        their classes
25. 	Other stage #1 notes:
     	--The Peter Cunningham/Joe Andreini Acura entry had some problems on
          stage #1, almost coming to a stop on the road before getting back
          up to full speed.
        --The Mike Halliday/Jan Halliday Mustang team had an off-road
          excursion losing almost 30 seconds before getting out of the mud.
     	--The Gary Caffroy/John Arnold Mazda RX-3 was seen sitting on the
          side of the road near the end of stage #1, apparently with a blown

Press Notes #4    
Wild West PRO Rally, Olympia, Washington
Round #1 - 1993 Subaru PRO Rally Championship
Friday, April 24, 1993
 1:00 AM
26.	After four stages (with one more to complete this evening), we have
        the following totals:
        Driver/Co-driver        Car              Time (min:sec)   Class
        Buffum/Becker           Audi Quattro S-2       30:26      Open
        Millen/Berg             Hyundai Elantra        30:36      Open
        Merrill/Wickens         Ford Escort Cosworth   33:09      Open
        Corley/Headland         Mitsubishi Eclipse     33:10      Open
        Peterson/Gutzmann       Mitsubishi Eclipse     33:42      GT
        Zwart/Sircombe          Porsche Carrera 4      33:44      Open
        Frontinan/Arruda        Mitsubishi Galant      33:49      GT
        Lund/Huffman            Mazda 323GTX           33:59      Open
        Beal/Davenport          Mazda 323GTX           34:06      Open
        Beson/Case              Mazda 323GTX           34:15      GT
        Cunningham/Bradley      Mitsubishi Eclipse     34:17      GT
        Cunningham/Andreini     Acura Integra          34:47      Prod
        Joy/Brandt              Mitsubishi Eclipse     35:02      Open
        Thompson/Jackson        Volvo 142E             35:46      Open
        Light/White             GMC Sonoma Pick-up     35:51      Truck
        Dykes/Hanson            Mitsubishi Pick-up     36:54      Truck
        Menendez/Goya           Mitsubishi Eclipse     37:01      GT
        Gooch/Gooch             Mitsubishi Pick-up     37:17      Truck
        Hull/Elkins             Mitsubishi Pick-up     38:20      Truck
        Orisek/Orisek           Mitsubishi Eclipse     38:50      GT
        Walker/Lowe             Dodge Colt             40:17      Open
        Shumaker/Shumaker       Mitsubishi Eclipse     41:32      Prod
        White/Crane             Mitsubishi Pick-up     42:09      Truck
27. 	Retired after four stages (reports on why coming later):
     	--Hadjiminas/Burgess Mitsubishi Eclipse
        --Bryan/Simons Saab 900
        --Johnson/Bradley Toyota Corolla
        --Bawden/Coatsworth Mitsubishi
        --Whitman/Linville Datsun 510

Press Notes #5
Wild West PRO Rally, Olympia, Washington
Round #1 - 1993 Subaru PRO Rally Championship
Saturday, April 24, 1993
4:00 AM
28.	At the finish of day #1 of the Wild West PRO Rally, here are the
        standings for the national competitors. The cars will be reseeded
        in this order for the 10:00 AM start for day #2.
        Driver/Co-driver        Car              Time (min:sec)   Class
        Buffum/Becker           Audi Quattro S-2       40:49      Open
        Millen/Berg             Hyundai Elantra        41:10      Open
        Merrill/Wickens         Ford Escort Cosworth   44:33      Open
        Corley/Headland         Mitsubishi Eclipse     44:38      Open
        Zwart/Sircombe          Porsche Carrera 4      45:00      Open
        Peterson/Gutzmann       Mitsubishi Eclipse     45:20      GT
        Lund/Huffman            Mazda 323GTX           45:30      Open
        Frontinan/Arruda        Mitsubishi Galant      45:40      GT
        Beal/Davenport          Mazda 323GTX           45:41      Open
        Cunningham/Bradley      Mitsubishi Eclipse     46:21      GT
        Cunningham/Andreini     Acura Integra          46:57      Prod
        Whitman/Linville        Datsun 510             47:15      Open
        Joy/Brandt              Mitsubishi Eclipse     47:40      Open
        Thompson/Jackson        Volvo 142E             47:51      Open
        Light/White             GMC Sonoma Pick-up     48:11      Truck
        Menendez/Goya           Mitsubishi Eclipse     49:29      GT
        Gooch/Gooch             Mitsubishi Pick-up     49:58      Truck
        Dykes/Hanson            Mitsubishi Pick-up     49:59      Truck
        Hull/Elkins             Mitsubishi Pick-up     51:57      Truck
        Walker/Lowe             Dodge Colt             53:29      Open
        Shumaker/Shumaker       Mitsubishi Eclipse     56:41      Prod
        White/Crane             Mitsubishi Pick-up     56:42      Truck
        Beson/Case              Mazda 323GTX           59:53*     GT
        Orisek/Orisek           Mitsubishi Eclipse   1:15:22**    GT
 *includes 14 road points
**includes 24 road points

29.	The Sakis Hadjiminas/Tom Burgess Mitsubishi Eclipse, which broke
        a turbo cooler hose on stage #2, will run the divisional rally
        later today even though they are out of the national event. Sam
        Bryan/Mark Simons - already entered in the divisional rally - will
        also run even though they are out of the national.

Press Notes #6 
Wild West PRO Rally, Olympia, Washington
Round #1 - 1993 Subaru PRO Rally Championship
Saturday, April 24, 1993
11:30 AM
30.	As the cars prepared for the re-start of the rally this morning
        from downtown Olympia, drivers were looking forward to hard surfaces,
        less twisty roads, a drier day, and less ruts then they encountered
        during last night's five stages. Also, all the top runners in each
        class survived the night and all seemed to have their equipment in
        fairly good shape for today's battle. Here are some of the comments:
        Buffum/Becker - leading the field by 31 seconds - "The response and
        torque of this new Audi 20-valve is night and day over our old engine.
        We can accelerate and upshift up a hill instead of just barely making
        it up. We broke a half-shaft yesterday on stage 3 and fixed it in
        service. Only other problem is that the new car leaks (roof, windows,
        floor, everywhere!"
        Millen/Berg - in second place - Elantra running well; Millen
        pleased with car's performance
        Merrill/Wickens - third place - five seconds ahead of fourth -
        "The big difference in the new Escort Cosworth is that everything
        happens much quicker - turns, shifting, decisions. Continuous power
        in the 2000 - 6500 RPM range."
        Zwart/Sircombe - fifth place in Porsche Carrera 4 - still learning the
        car. Handling and power completely different than the Mazda 323GTX
        Zwart drove in 1990. Car is still having transmission problems which
        started yesterday.
        Peterson/Gutzmann - sixth overall and leading Production GT by 20
        seconds - great combination of power, handling, all-wheel-drive and
        turbo versus divisional class Plymouth Arrow Peterson has run in the
        past. Also, Gutzmann was under the weather during the stages last
        night, and is slowly recovering this morning.
        Frontinan/Arruda - eighth overall - second in GT - car is much quieter
        than his former Toyota Celica AWD mount - needs to read the tack
        instead of listening to the engine. The extra weight makes the car
        handle much differently.
      	B.J. Beal/Davenport - ninth overall in ex-Millen Mazda 323GTX -
       	although they are still testing the car, it is a big improvement over
       	his former 323 entry. Stiffer handling, bigger brakes are
       	significant, but big difference is push-button, steering-wheel-
       	control-mounted six speed shifter controls.
       	Cunningham/Andreini - Acura is leading Production class - had to
       	change engines after water taken in on the press demo stage earlier in
       	the day damaged the computer controls. Service department at Capitol
       	City Honda gave the crew tools, two service bays, and all the help
       	they needed to get the job done. Henry Joy's crew helped as well.
       	Joy/Brandt - 14th overall - likes his ex-Carl Merrill Mitsubishi
       	Eclipse very much - thinks he can move up today as his learning curve
       	on driving the car went up steeply last night.
       	Light/White - leads truck class by 1:30 - has done nothing to the
       	GMC Sonoma truck since it last ran at Rim of the World last year
       	except "My wife Rocky waxed it last week."
       	Gooch/Gooch - second in truck class - adjusted shock overnight for
       	stiffer ride to make up for the wrong springs they have for this
       	event - truck is really bouncing around because of too much wheel
       	travel. Like the response of the Mitsubishi engine versus their old
       	Hull/Elkin - fourth in truck class - took a lot of getting used to the
       	four cylinder Mitsubishi versus the in-line six Jeep Camanche he
       	has run since 1989. Jeep was low RPM, high torque, while this is the
       	Orisek/Orisek - dead last after absorbing 24 road points (24 minutes
       	in penalties) - car has magnetic pick-ups for the rally computer and
       	the whole system malfunctioned, leaving co-driver Olga with no
       	odometer or computer. Limited slip system in the car renders the
       	dashboard odo useless as well.
31.	In the divisional rally completed yesterday (the five stage run),
       	Greg Lund and substitute co-driver Mike Huffman cruised to a 1:25
       	victory in Lund's Mazda 323GTX. Gene McCullough and Ed Millman were
       	second in another 323GTX, moving up when second-place finishers Rick
       	Beson and Geoff Case incurred 14 minutes in penalties. Mike Whitman
       	and Kevin Linville were third in a Datsun 510, while Erik Thompson and
       	Cam Jackson in a Volvo rounded out the top four.

Press Notes #7
Wild West PRO Rally, Olympia, Washington
Round #1 - 1993 Subaru PRO Rally Championship
Saturday, April 24, 1993
2:00 PM
32.	The Millen-Buffum dream match and fight to the finish of the Wild West
        PRO rally will not materialize in 1993. The Millen Motorsports
        Hyundai went off the road on stage #7 (today's second stage), and was
        unable to continue. We will have a report as soon as it is available.
33.	Meanwhile, the leading Buffum/Becker Audi, with more than a five
        minute lead over the second place car (and Libra Racing teammate) of
        Merrill/Wickens, has backed his speed down to the point where Merrill
        won stage #8, beating Buffum by three seconds. Merrill's Escort
        Cosworth is only 18 seconds ahead of Dick Corley and Martin Headland
        in a Mitsubishi Eclipse, and is about one minute ahead of the Jeff
        Zwart/Tony Sircombe Porsche Carrera 4. In a flatfooted tie with Zwart
        is Lon Peterson/Bill Gutzmann in a Mitsubishi Galant (this is the
        Production GT leader), while Greg Lund/Mike Huffman in a Mazda 323GTX
        are seventh. The other class leaders include Guy Light/David White in
        the GMC Sonoma Pick-up (Rally Truck), and Peter Cunningham/Joe
        Andreini in an Acura Integra (Production).
34.	The Oriseks' Mitsubishi Eclipse is out of the event, having to be
        towed by the sweep vehicle on stage #6.
35.	Two of the traditional rally truck teams are having trouble, allowing
        Guy Light and Dave White to extend their lead to more than three
        minutes. The Roger Hull/John Eklin Mitsubishi pick-up has been
        reported stalled or slowing at several points during stages 6 and 7,
        leaving them in third place behind Light and the Mitsubishi pickup of
        Chad Dykes and Pat Hanson. Dykes, who started the day one second
        behind Gary and Judi Gooch, moved up when the Goochs lost 45 minutes
        to the field on stage #8. We are waiting for a report.
36.	Right now, the Production GT battle continues to be the most closely
        contested class, with Peterson/Gutzmann maintaining a one minute lead
        over Frontinan/Arruda, with Frontinan/Arruda only three seconds ahead
        of Cunningham/Bradley.
37. 	Here are the national standings after eight stages:
        Driver/Co-driver         Car              Time (min:sec)   Class
       	Buffum/Becker            Audi Quattro S-2     1:12:43      Open
       	Merrill/Wickens          Ford Escort Cosworth 1:18:30      Open
       	Corley/Headland          Mitsubishi Eclipse   1:18:48      Open
       	Zwart/Sircombe           Porsche Carrera 4    1:19:47      Open
       	Peterson/Gutzmann        Mitsubishi Eclipse   1:19:47      GT
       	Lund/Huffman             Mazda 323GTX         1:20:09      Open
       	Frontinan/Arruda         Mitsubishi Galant    1:20:53      GT
       	Cunningham/Bradley       Mitsubishi Eclipse   1:20:56      GT
       	Beal/Davenport           Mazda 323GTX         1:21:17      Open
       	Whitman/Linville         Datsun 510           1:23:21      Open
       	Cunningham/Andreini      Acura Integra        1:23:26      Prod
       	Joy/Brandt               Mitsubishi Eclipse   1:24:27      Open
       	Thompson/Jackson         Volvo 142E           1:24:51      Open
       	Light/White              GMC Sonoma Pick-up   1:26:06      Truck
       	Menendez/Goya            Mitsubishi Eclipse   1:27:33      GT
       	Dykes/Hanson             Mitsubishi Pick-up   1:29:23      Truck
       	Hull/Elkins              Mitsubishi Pick-up   1:31:34      Truck
       	Walker/Lowe              Dodge Colt           1:33:36      Open
       	Beson/Case               Mazda 323GTX         1:36:17*     GT
       	Shumaker/Shumaker        Mitsubishi Eclipse   1:37:14      Prod
       	White/Crane              Mitsubishi Pick-up   1:39:39      Truck
       	Gooch/Gooch              Mitsubishi Pick-up   2:13:31      Truck
 *includes 14 road points
**includes 24 road points

Press Notes #8
Wild West PRO Rally, Olympia, Washington
Round #1 - 1993 Subaru PRO Rally Championship
Saturday, April 24, 1993
8:00 PM
38.	The Wild West PRO Rally - round #1 of the Subaru PRO Rally
      	Championship, is over, and rally veteran John Buffum has scored his
      	first victory since 1987 in a U.S. PRO Rally. Along with co-driver
      	Jeff Becker, Buffum did not win a stage after stage #7, when Millen
      	dropped out with electrical problems and left him with a five minute
      	lead over the field.
      	At that point, Buffum/Becker had built a 37-second lead over
      	Millen/Berg. Buffum then backed off, losing between 7 and 35 seconds
      	to the field in stages eight through 15, but still managed to score a
      	comfortable win over the second-place - the other Libra Racing entry
      	of Carl Merrill and John Wickens. Official times and margins of
      	victory will be available shortly.
39.	Both Buffum's Audi Quattro S-2 and Merrill's Ford Escort Cosworth are
      	brand new, out the box vehicles - perhaps the first time that brand
      	new cars have finished one-two in PRO Rally history.
40.	Guy Light and Dave White won the Rally Truck class in their GMC
      	Sonoma Pick-up, while Peter Cunningham/Joe Andreini were the winners
      	in the Production class in their Acura Integra GS-R. The Production
      	GT class - where the Mitsubishis of Lon Peterson, Frank Cunningham,
      	and Vinny Frontinan were very close - can not be determined until the
      	final scores are in.
41.	The scores from stage #13 have been all thrown out by the organizer
      	because of equipment malfunction which could not guarantee accurate
      	times. Everyone will receive a 00:00 for that stage. Final scores
      	will be determined on the total of stages 1-12, and 14-15.
42.	Former Capitol Forest Stages and rally veterans Ray and Janice
      	Damitio had tough days, with Janice rolling her car and cracking the
      	windshield, and the Grant Whiting/Ray Damitio hitting a rocking
      	and ripping out the suspension.
Press Notes #9
Wild West PRO Rally, Olympia, Washington
Round #1 - 1993 Subaru PRO Rally Championship
Monday, April 26, 1993
10:00 AM
43.	Although the rally has been over for 24 hours, and everyone who has
      	received these press notes knows the results, there are a couple of
      	loose ends.
44.	The Gary Gooch/Judi Gooch Mitsubishi pickup was battling the Chad
      	Dykes/Pat Hansen truck even up until the Goochs got stuck in the mud
      	during the latter part of stage #8. Under the old rules, the team
      	would have been time-barred as they lost nearly 45 minutes to the rest
      	of the field, but the new rules - allowing them to be pulled out by
      	the sweep vehicle and stay in the rally - meant a fifth place finish
      	in class and some points which might come in handy towards the end of
      	the year.

45.	With Buffum not planning to run the rest of the series - and
      	Choiniere's wife still carrying their child (the watch is on - she's
      	now at 36 weeks and trying to hang on) - the battle for the overall
      	championship is already shaping up as interesting. Of those drivers
      	who plan to contest the overall title, Merrill has 17 points (15 for
      	second place and two for starting the event - new this year), Corley
      	has 14, and Zwart 10. Choiniere and DiMarco expect to be in the
      	battle as well, and they will both start their seasons at Rim of the
46.	Lon Peterson, the Production GT winner in his Mitsubishi Eclipse and a
      	fine fourth overall finisher, has his sights set on running the whole
      	series if he can continue to collect the $2,500 Mitsubishi contingency
      	money he earned at the Wild West Rally. But Mitsubishi didn't get
      	a chance to pay out the top prizes in the other classes, as Corley was
      	third in Open, Chad Dykes second in Truck, and Tony Shumaker second in
      	Production. The Production GT battle between Peterson, Cunningham,
      	and Frontinan was very close throughout the rally, and all three
      	figure to do battle again at the next event.
47.	Antonio Menendez, fourth in Production GT in his Vermont Sports Car
      	Mitsubishi Eclipse, had never run a forest rally despite his Central
      	America and native Mexican rally experience. The conditions at Rim of
      	the World in California are much more familiar to him, and he might
      	move up in class, especially if it's dusty.

48.	Roger Hull had a disappointing fourth place finish in the Truck class,
      	but he learned a lot about driving a four-cylinder vehicle versus the
      	six-cylinder Jeep Camanche he piloted over the last several years.
      	Hull was also without his regular co-driver - Rob Cherry - for the
49.	Henry Joy's 11th overall finish was one of the best ever for him, and
      	he is quickly getting used to the power and handling of his new
      	Mitsubishi Eclipse vrs. the Mazda 323GTX he had a year ago.
50.	Vinny Frontinan and Frank Arruda will run the new Mitsubishi Galant
      	they finished ninth overall and third in GT in for Rim of the World,
      	but will be back in their Toyota Celica 4WD for STPR as some "yet to
      	be named" Portuguese friends of theirs will be entering the
      	Pennsylvania rally.
51. 	According Hyundai's Product Planning Analyst Corena Dusek, who
      	attended the rally and hosted area Hyundai dealers, Rod Millen's
      	future in the U.S. PRO rally season for 1993 remains uncertain.
      	He is building an Elantra for Pike's Peak, and she is "trying to get
      	funds and interest" for additional races in the series. Meanwhile,
      	son Rhys will have a Toyota All-Trac for the second half of the
      	season, tentatively planned for debut at the Prescott Forest Rally on
      	July 31.

52.	Mitsubishi Motorsports guru Dave Wolin was very pleased with the debut
      	of both Lon Peterson, and Tony Shumaker (second in Production) on the
      	Toyo rally tires. Besides the Michelins that dominate the series at
      	the moment, there were General's, Toyo's and BFG's among the top
53.	The next event - Rim of the World in Palmdale, California - already
      	has more than 50 entries, with more than 60 expected before long.
      	It's going to be a great year.
54.	There was coverage of the Wild West Rally on TNN RACEDAY yesterday
      	(Sunday night - 8:30 PM EST), and coverage will also appear on ESPN
      	SPEEDWEEK and Prime Network's ON PIT ROAD this week. Check your
      	local listings. Also, SCCA announced the formulation of a national TV
      	package schedule to start filming rallies at Rim and to be finalized
      	sometime this fall. Call Sandee Mourey at SCCA (303) 694-7222 for
      	details - a note went out last Friday to all PRO Rally license
55.	Rally results are also available from National Speed Sport News'
      	RACELINE 1-900-44TRACK. Subaru PRO Rally Championship results are on
      	extension 8782. $2.00 for the first minute - $1.00 for every minute
      	after that. Or, of course, you can get everything by continuing to
      	access our information on-line.

	For Immediate Release 		Contact: Andy Schupack (206) 352-5888
                           			 Subaru PRO Rally Championship

    	OLYMPIA, Wash. -- April 25 -- When defending Subaru PRO Rally
    	Championship driver Paul Choiniere found out his wife's contractions
    	were two minutes apart, he cancelled plans to debut his new Audi
    	Quattro S-2 at the Wild West Rally in Olympia this weekend.
    	Fortunately for the Burlington, Vermont-based racing team, the owner
    	is America's most successful rally driver ever, and John Buffum
    	jumped in the car and, in his first U.S. Rally in more than five
    	years, dominated the field to earn the overall win.
    	His chief rival in the '80s, Newport Beach, CA's Rod Millen, has gone
    	on to race in the Asia-Pacific world rally series, but was in Olympia
    	to test a Hyundai Elantra for a customer. So it was Millen vrs.
    	Buffum for six great stages, with Buffum, getting the better of the
    	match by 31 seconds before Millen was forced to retire with
    	electrical problems.
    	Buffum and Millen had not raced against each other since 1987, when
    	both drivers left the U.S. series.
    	After Millen dropped out, Buffum had a five minute lead, and messaged
    	the car to a three minute win over another new Libra Racing vehicle -
    	a European spec Ford Escort Cosworth (400 horsepower) driven by
    	Ogunquit, Maine's Carl Merrill. Merrill's lavender racer was not
    	only the best looking car at the rally, but he won seven of the last
    	eight stages to earn his high finishing position.
    	Third was Dick Corley, also from Burlington, Vermont, in his
    	Mitsubishi Eclipse, while Lon Peterson - also in a Eclipse - from
    	Victorville, Calif. and winner of the Production GT class, was
    	fourth, beating Jeff Zwart from Irvine, Calif., in a new Porsche
    	Carrera 4, by only 12 seconds. Bellevue, Wash.'s Greg Lund, the
    	fastest local driver, was sixth in a Mazda 323GTX.
    	In other classes, Peter Cunningham of Whitefish Bay, Wis., won the
    	Production class in an Acura Integra, while Carson City, Nev.'s
    	Guy Light took the rally truck class in a GMC Sonoma Pick-up.
    	Buffum is an 11-time national champion, and Choiniere has won the
    	national championship three times, including the 1992 season.
    	Millen has won 11 championships including U.S. and Pacific Rim
    	In a PRO Rally, each entry consists of a driver and a co-driver (or
    	navigator), and the exact course is kept secret until just before the
    	event. The cars start at one-minute intervals and race against the
    	clock over 17 stages which range in length from four to 12 miles.
    	Speeds of more than 140 miles-per-hour could be reached on long
    	straight-aways, with the team achieving the fastest combined times
    	winning the event. The two-day event in Olympia, Washington, was
    	run on road through the Capitol Forest, and covered 295 miles.
    	The 1993 Subaru PRO Rally Championship is a nine-event series
    	sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America and sponsored by Subaru
    	of America.                 

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