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Upstart new team, Two AM Rallysport, is a Waterloo based racing team set on winning the Ontario Performance Rally Championship Production Sport title for 2000 with help from its sponsor AM Innovations, Inc. Rally is the most demanding of motorsports, a season that lasts all year and tight twisty gravel roads are aspects of the OPRC unlike any other form of racing. The Productions Sport class pits real cars (the same kind your mom might drive) against each other in timed competition.

Andrew Miller, Driver/Team Owner
Andrew started rallying in 1996. "One time with the car sideways down an old gravel road and I was hooked!" Andrew has become a popular figure in the Canadian rally community, becoming the President of the Kitchener Waterloo Rally Club for 2000. Notable driving accomplishments include a second in the series in 1998.

Andrew had this to say about the upcoming season, "We’ve spent a lot of time and energy getting the Two AM Volkswagen Golf ready to go and I can’t wait to get her into competition". When asked why a VW was chosen for Production Sport class when other cars in the class have up to 50% more horsepower, Miller replied, "The VW is ideally suited to rallying, what it lacks in horsepower it more than makes up for in control".

Martyn Appleford, Co-driver
Martyn is the more experienced member of the team. Rallying since the early eighties has given Martyn a host of Production class wins culminating in a National Co-drivers Championship in 1995. He has only been lightly active in the sport for the last couple of years, but it's our hope that his involvement with Two AM Rallysport will bring him back full time. Martyn resides in Toronto, Ontario.

Two AM Volkswagen Golf Specs:

Two AM Rallysport
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