Biography Andrew Havas, Driver

Team Havspeed

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Racing Accomplishments:

Mt. Washington Hillclimb Records - Fastest Class 3 since 1994; Fastest 2wd since 1998
1999 Ojibwe Forest ProRally - 4th in Group 5, 15th Overall
1999 Rallye Auto Charlevoix - 1st in Group 5, 6th Overall

Currently planning for the 2000 season: Next Event - Rallye of Quebec 2000

I've been an SCCA road racer since 1990. I helped with my brother Chris' ProRally car for the past four or five years until I couldn't stand spectating anymore! I co-drove for Chris in the 1996 Perce Neige and we won our class. For my first rally as a driver, I rented Peter Watt's old Suzuki Swift GT and with co-driver Scott Slingerland, we won the Regional Prod 1750 Class at the 1998 Rallye of Quebec. I started building my current car, a Group 5 1979 Mazda RX7H, in July of 1999.

I am above all a motor racing enthusiast. I love to road race, rally, anything. I hope to someday be in a position to get paid to do what I love; until then I will continue to work my fingers to the bone in order to go racing. I build all of my cars and engines from the ground up, which is the only reason I can do what I am doing. I also build racing cars and offer services to other racers and rallyists.

Team Havspeed's 1979 Mazda RX7H specs:
- 1148cc non-turbo carburetted rotary
- 5-speed close ratio dog box
- modified wide track front coil-over suspension
- custom 3-link rear suspension
- oversized brakes with dual circuit cockpit adjustable front to rear bias
- extensive rollcage and safety features

Team Havspeed's sponsors include JEMCO, Orange Auto Electric, PIAA and Earl's Performance Products.

For more information on Andrew and Team Havspeed, visit their website at:

Contact Andrew at:
Phone: 919-968-3007

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