Bill Feyling

Biography Bill Feyling, Co-Driver

Pacifica, California

Bill grew up watching his older brother Walt race off road motorcycles. After seeing Walt take the home a Number 1 plate riding hare scrambles in Northern California, he decided to give it a try. While not as successful as his older brother, Bill managed to take home his share of trophies, riding primarily enduros.

It was his ability to accurately manage time, speed and distance in enduros that lead Bill to accept the invitation of his friend Jay Streets to co-drive a highly modified Ford Taurus in the Nevada Open Road Race Series in 1998. After a successful stint in the series, the roles were reversed when Jay co-drove for Bill as he piloted the Ford to a top speed of 150 mph!

Bill got back to the dirt in 1999 when he and Jay took up rally and has never looked back. "I love the competition and the comradery in rally. It must be something about the dirt, it seems to bring out the best in people," says Bill.

His brief career in rally has netted the following results: 1999 CRS Rally Cross Champion Stock Class; 1999 CRS 1st Place Co-Driver Stock Class; 1999 SCCA So-Pac 3rd Place Co-Driver Grp2; 2000 CRS 4th Place Co-Driver Grp 2/5; 2000 SCCA So-Pac 2nd Place Co-Driver Grp2; 2000 SCCA NWR 2nd Place Co-Driver Class 2; 2000 SCCA ProRally 4th Place Co-Driver Grp 2.

Region of Record: San Francisco
Division: NORPAC
Sponsors: Willans Safety Harnesses, Trasher Magazine, Silverstone High Performance Tyres

Occupation: Union Organizer
Hobbies: Warm fires, quiet walks on the beach...and dirt bikes!

E-mail Bill at:

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