Jon and Daphne Bogert

Team RallyStuff Toyota
Wallingford, Pennsylvania

2000 was an amazing year for Team RallyStuff Toyota. Their first full season of rallying ended successfully with a narrow victory in the Northeast Division Championship, beating the nearest competitor for the Open class title by only four points. The strategy all season long was to save the car and not take foolish chances, and it paid off with only two DNFs out of nine events.

For 2001, Team RallyStuff will be running a full calendar of events including all the National Championship events east of the Rockies: Sno*Drift, Cherokee Trails, S.T.P.R., Maine Forest, Ojibwe and Lake Superior. This year Daphne gets to drive, too, and she'll get some experience behind the wheel at several NEDiv ClubRally events.

Jon was introduced to rallying when former co-worker and rally veteran Gregg Higham invited him to the 1994 Maine Winter event. He learned about the sport by volunteering and working at all the NEDiv events and saving money to build a car. In 1998, Jon found a low mileage Celica Alltrac and decided to go rallying. Experienced rally engineer Bert Arano at Union 7 Motorsports took the Celica and transformed it into a safe and competitive rally car. Jon earned his National license at the Ski Sawmill RallyRight Rally School in May, 1999.

Daphne was introduced to rallying by running several TSD events while she and Jon were dating. Daphne and Jon were married in 1998, and Jon immediately set to work convincing his new bride to join him behind the dashboard. Daphne readily agreed to be his co-driver, and she earned her National license at RallyRight '99.

Jon and Daphne work together at, a vertical market e-commerce site for the sporting goods industry.

Team RallyStuff Toyota is sponsored by RallyStuff and Union 7 Motorsports.

1988 Toyota Celica Alltrac ST165
Open Class -- Car #185
Engine:3S-GTE 4 cylinder, 16 valves, 2.0 liter, JE pistons,
Garrett T3-Super 60 turbocharger with TEC-II engine management,
Supra fuel pump and injectors
Power:280 BHP
Torque:280 ft. lbs.
Transmission:5-speed synchro gearbox with 4.30 final drive and Kevlar racing clutch
Powertrain:Viscous center and two-way clutch-type rear differentials
Suspension:DMS 50mm coilovers
Brakes:Slotted ventilated discs with Hawk pads in stock calipers
Tires:Gravel: Pirelli K6 195/65-15 rally tires on 6.5x15 Compomotive TH2 rally wheels
Snow:   Nokian Hakka Q 175/70-14 on stock wheels
Electrics/Lights:Custom wiring loom with Hella driving lights

Team RallyStuff Toyota can be reached at:
Phone: 610-892-7533
Fax: 610-892-7534
E-mail: or
Bert Arano, Chief Engineer

Check out their website at:

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