Biography Brian Scott

Phoenix, Arizona

Driver, Scott Racing

I have watched FIA ralling on TV for years not really knowing why I took such an intrest in this sport. Then I went to Pikes Peak and the rest is history. I purchased a Mitsubishi Eclipse two days after the hill climb. I started my first rally at Prescott Forest Rally.

At Prescott Forest Rally we finished 11th overall in the ClubRally and third in California Rally Series GT. We are currently 6th in Production GT SOPAC/CRS; at the Prescott Rally Cross we were fourth overall. We will race at the Treeline Rally in California on November 17th. We will spend the rest of 2001 updating the car for the 2002 SCCA ProRally Series. We will try to run as many events in 2002 as we can. If everything works out, we will attempt to run the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

I am a major adrenalin junky. I love motion sports and being on the ragged edge. I have finally found a sport that feeds my addiction.

Our car is a 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX Turbo All Wheel Drive. We run in Production GT. It features DMS suspension, Cobra seats, and Michelin MB 80 16 inch rally tires.

Scott Racing is sponsored by Scott Roofing Co.

Contact Scott at:
Phone: 602-944-6506
Fax: 602-944-9291

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