Biography Claire Marie Chizma
Seattle, Washington


* 2000 ProRally Season Championship:1st Place Production CoDriver
* 1999 ProRally Season Championship:1st Place Production GT CoDriver
* 1999 North American Rally Cup:1stPlace Production GT CoDriver

2002 ProRally Season
2ndPGTOregon TrailTillamook, OregonBruce Davis
3rdPGTRim of the WorldPalmdale, CaliforniaBruce Davis
6thPGTSusquehannock TrailWellsboro, PennsylvaniaBob Henderson
2002 ClubRally Season Championship
1stOpenDryad QuestShelton, WashingtonMatt Manspeaker
3rdOpenShitepokeShelton, WashingtonMatt Manspeaker
1stOpenParis by DayParis, Texas Greg BaileyOverall win
2ndOpenParis by NightParis, Texas Greg BaileyTop 5 finish
2001 SCCA ProRally Season with AVSport Rally Team of Tempe, Arizona
Driver: Peter J. Workum -- 2002 Subaru WRX
2001 ProRally Season
DNFPGTSusquehannock TrailWellsboro, PennsylvaniaPeter J. WorkumTransmission failure
DNFPGTMaine ForestRumford, MainePeter J. WorkumCrash
4thGr NWild WestShelton, WashingtonPeter J. WorkumTop 15 finish 15/36
DNFOpenPrescott ForestPrescott, ArizonaPeter J. WorkumOff road
2001 ClubRally Season
DNFOpenGorman RidgeLebec, CaliforniaPeter J. WorkumSuspension failure
5th OpenSou'westerOlympia, WashingtonPeter J. WorkumTop 10 finish 10/40
2ndOpenOllympusOlympia, WashingtonPeter J. WorkumTop 5 finish 4/36
DNFOpenPrescott Club 1Prescott, ArizonaPeter .WorkumOff road
2ndOpenPrescott Club 2Prescott, ArizonaPeter J. WorkumTop 5 finish 4/36
1stProdTreelineWest Covina, CaliforniaDennis Chizma"Herbie" 4/32
Taught Utah Region Codriving Seminar on December 8th, 2001
2000 SCCA ProRally Season with Motor Sports Unlimited Rally Team of Seattle, Washington
Driver: Dennis Chizma -- 1973 Porsche 911 -- Production
2000 ProRally Season
1stProdOregon TrailTillamook, ORDennis ChizmaTop 10 finish 10/58
DNFProdRim of the WorldPalmdale, CaliforniaDennis ChizmaSuspension failure
2ndProdMaine ForestRumford, MaineDennis Chizma23/96
2ndProdOjibwe ForestBemidji, MinnesotaDennis Chizma
DNFProdWild WestShelton, WashingtonDennis ChizmaSuspension Failure
1stProdLake SuperiorHoughton, MichiganDennis Chizma17/61
2000 ClubRally Season Championship: 2nd Place SoPac Production Codriver
1stProdOregon TrailTillamook, OregonDennis Chizma
1stProdTrails EndTillamook, OregonDennis Chizma
1stProdRim of the World IPalmdale, CaliforniaDennis Chizma12/40
DNFProdRim of the World IIPalmdale, CaliforniaDennis ChizmaSuspension failure
2ndProdSeven IslandsRumford, MaineDennis Chizma14/61
2ndProdMead ClubRallyRumford, MaineDennis Chizma12/63
1999 SCCA ProRally Season with Hairpin Racing Team of Portland, Oregon
Driver: Lee Shadbolt -- Subaru Impreza -- Production GT
2ndPGTDoo WopsOlympia, WA14/17Lee Shadbolt
1stPGTRim of the WorldPalmdale, CALee ShadboltTop 10 overall finish 7/48
2ndPGTWild WestShelton, WashingtonLee ShadboltTop 10 overall finish 8/43
Gr 5Susquehannock TrailWellsboro, PennsylvaniaJens Larsen33/78
DNFOpenMaine ForestRumford, MaineBill DreigertCrash
3rdPGTOjibwe ForestBemiji, MinnesotaLee Shadbolt17/42
4thPGTPrescott ForestPrescott, ArizonaLee Shadbolt12/26
2ndPGTLake Superior Houghton, MichiganPatrick Richard11/48
1999 International Season
4thPGTBig HornHinton, Alberta, CanadaLee ShadboltTop 10 overall finish
5thPGTRocky MountainCalgary, Alberta, CanadaLee ShadboltTop 10 overall finish
Class BMexico City 24 HourMexico City, MexicoDennis Chizma"Herbie" 13/54
1999 ClubRally Season
4thGr 5STPRWellboro, PennsylvaniaJens Larsen33/78
2ndPGTOttawaHoughton, MichiganPatrick RichardTop 10 overall finish 4/36
1stPGTKeweenawHoughton, MichiganPatrick RichardOverall win 1/36
11thGr 5TreelineMonrovia, CaliforniaJose Mercado21/31
1st4WDHoltville SprintsHoltville, CaliforniaDennis ChizmaTop 10 overall finish
Co-organizer for Treeline ClubRally on November 13th, 1999
1998 ProRally Season
2ndPGTRim of the WorldPalmdale, CaliforniaDennis Chizma17/27
1998 ClubRally Season (CRS)
4th4WDRim of the World IPalmdale, CaliforniaDennis ChizmaTop 10 overall finish 10/35
7th4WDRim of the World IIPalmdale, CaliforniaDennis Chizma25/35
4thStockPrescott ForestPrescott, ArizonaNeal Gaborno19/25
1997 ClubRally Season Championship: 1st Place Stock Class Codriver
Motor Sports Unlimited Racing Team -- 1977 Volkswagon Rabbit
DNFRally America 2000Ensenada, MexicoEngine failure
1stStockGorman RidgeLebec, CaliforniaDennis ChizmaTop 10 overall finish 9/23
1stStockPrescott IPrescott, ArizonaDennis ChizmaTop 10 overall finish 9/22
1stStockPrescott IIPrescott, ArizonaDennis ChizmaTop 10 overall finish 10/22
2ndStockTreelinePalmdale, CaliforniaDennis ChizmaTop 10 overall finish 8/20
1996 ClubRally Season Championship: 4th Place SoPac and CRS 4WD Codriver
1992 Mistubishi 3000GT VR4 and 1978 Toyota Corolla
DNFEnsenada Tecate RallyEnsenada, MexicoLincoln WoodardRollover
DNFRim of the World IIPalmdale, CaliforniaLincoln WoodardAlternator failure
10thU2LRim of the World IPalmdale, CaliforniaLincoln Woodard19/30
3rd4WDReno RallyReno, NevadaDennis ChizmaTop 10 overall finish 6/24
3rd4WDTreelinePalmdale, CaliforniaDennis ChizmaTop 10 overall finish 4/16
DNFPrescott ForestPrescott, ArizonaDennis ChizmaSuspension damage
Co-organizer for Gorman Ridge event in August, 1996

Personal Biography:
Claire became interested in performance rally after attending the Gorman Ridge ClubRally in 1995. She was then invited to sit in the ballast seat at the Glen Helen Rallysprints where new friends soon found that it was difficult getting her to step out of the car once inside. Since that time she has competed in over 50 events and has completed a full National Championship campaign three times. Claire is the mother of three daughters, Hilary, Amelia and Rennen.

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