Biography Dave Sterling

Trempealeau, Wisconsin

Driver, SMS Rallysport

I first became interested in rallying during my senior year of high school. After seeing it on TV (3 am back when it was on ESPN2), I knew it was something I wanted to do. I spent the next four years either doing TSD's with the local car club or gathering information on rallying. Luckily my wife/co-driver Stacy was willing to give it a chance. Sometimes I think she gets more excited about rallies than I do.

2003 is our second year of competition and our first full season. We're looking to improve our skills and learn more about the sport.

I was born in Detroit, Michigan (explains my car fetish). I moved to Illinois when I was 3, stayed there for 12 years, then moved to Wisconsin. Currently I'm a product development engineer with a plastics company in Winona, MN. We design specialty materials for a wide variety of customers. If you're ever in the market for a specialty thermoplastic, I'm your man. In my spare time I enjoy restoring antique tractors, snowboarding, and playing guitar.

Our car is a 1986 Dodge Omni GLH which falls into Group 5 here in the US. The car has extensive modifications, but I'll keep my go-fast secrets to myself. Our car is unique because it won the 2000 Woodner Cup in the hands of Mark Utecht.

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Phone: 608-534-6493

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