Biography Dave White

Benicia, California

1998 Finishes
2nd OA DooWops III/IV
7th OA 1st G2 Wild West
16th OA 4th G2 Rim of the World

1997 Finishes
12th OA Michelin/SCCA PRO Rally Driver's Championship
4th OA Group 2 Championship
4th OA Rim of the World
7th OA Ojibwe Forest
5th OA Prescott Forest

1995 Finishes
2nd OA NorthWest Divisional PRO Rally Championship

So far in '98, Dave has finished 2nd OA at the DooWops and 7th OA and 1st in Group 2 at Wild West. At Rim, he was running 4th OA and leading Group 2 by 12+ min when he high-centered a berm for 35 minutes and dropped to a dissappointing 4th in class and 16th OA.

Dave says, "The two good finishes in class leave me leading Group 2. I feel that I have a chance to win the Class Championship and that is my goal for the year. When I do that, I will be only the second person to win a Championship on both sides of the car. Doug Shepard is the other, and I think that will put me in some pretty good company." (Dave previously won the 1993 RallyTruck Class Co-driver Championship co-driving for Guy Light.)

With consistent top finishes in 1997, the hard work paid off. Dave accumulated enough points to move into Seed 1 Driver status. Dave says, "I am proud of that accomplishment and it is nice to start a few spots further up the start list!"

Dave drives a 1988 Volkswagon GTI prepared to Group 2 specifications. Vehicle weight is estimated at 2300 lb. The custom built, 1998cc displacement race engine, has an estimated 180 horsepower, 175 f/lb. of torque and a redline of 7200 rpm. The engine was built by Light Performance works in Carson City, Nevada.

Dave is 44 years old, married with two children. He is a dentist in private practice in Vallejo, CA. He enjoys sking and bicycling in addition to rallies. Dave says, "I have always raced something, bicycles in college, then motorcycles (pavement) before and during dental school, then rally cars starting in 1981."

Dave can be contacted at:
Home: 707-745-3356
Office: 707-552-2228

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