Floyd "Doc" Shrader

Co-driver, Team Shrader Rally
Memphis, Tennessee

"Doc" Shrader has been actively involved in the SCCA since 1972. He has participated in all forms of rally sport, concentrating on PRO rally since 1975. He has been a driver, co-driver, organizer, worker and Medical Advisor to the PRB. In 1994 he won the Southwest Division U2 Driver's Championship; in 1995, 1996 and 1997, the Southwest Division Co-driver's Championship. He won the Central Area Super D 04 Co-driver's Championship in 1996 with driver Ken Stewart. He won the Robert V. Ridges Award for his dedication to the sport in 1982.

In an evolving sport, Floyd has rallied in front wheel, rear wheel and four wheel drive cars. He is known for his sportsmanship and his passion for PRO Rally.

"I chose the Ford Sierra Cosworth because of its proven reliability and horsepower. The preparation is such that it will compete in the series."

Floyd Shrader has a successful medical practice in West Memphis, Arkansas.

Team Shrader Rally can be reached at:

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