Gordon Gaude'

Driver, Rabbid Motorsports
Hillsboro, Oregon

Gordon Gaude' along with co-driver Tim Maple, have joined forces to create Rabbid Motorsports. They are competing in Group 2 in the Norpac Series sporting SCCA Club Rally #246. Season plans are to run Rim of the World, the Oregon Rallycross Series and Wild West.

They have completed the 1999 Doo Wop ClubRally Series. At Doo Wop 1, they finished fifth place in Group 2, 17th overall; and at Doo Wop 2, they finished fouth place in Group 2, 17th Overall. Says Gaude', "We were last finishing car for Doo Wops 1 and 2 and quickly moved up to 3rd place in Group 2 on Doo Wops 3 and 4."

Gordo, age 29, says, "Last year I heard about it (ProRally) on the web. I have been wanting to do rally since I was a kid when I saw it on film, but thought I had to go to Europe to race! When I heard about rally in America, I jumped on the band wagon and learned as much as I could and built a car and am running this season! I'm a NEWBIE and the car is too!" Gordo describes his rally car as an '81 VW Rabbit, 1.8 litre "Junkyard Special", AKA, the White Rabbit (I'm late!)

Gordo went on to say, "I currently work at Intel. I have two exotic birds. When I'm not wearing a helmet, I'm wearing my Skull and Crossbones hat that looks like it came from Dr. Suess. I stand out in a crowd. (Is that good or bad?) I'm hopefully an up and coming driver. I like making people laugh and I also have been seen trying to buy off rally officials with play money and also jokingly bribe them with fine chocolate and candy. I love the fans and spend time talking to them. I approach them most of the time and introduce myself if they seem shy. We'll be passing out 'White Rabbit' candy to the spectators. This is an excellent sport to be in."

Gordon's co-driver, Tim, is 48 years young and hails from Beaverton, Oregon.

Rabbid Motorsports is sponsored by The Crypt, a year-round Halloween store with costume rentals for all occasions. In the month of October, the Crypt features the Most Outrageous Haunted House in Oregon. The Crypt is located on 1120 SW 160th in Beaverton, Oregon and can be reached at 503-641-4964. Happy Haunting!

Gaude' can be reached at:
Phone: 503-264-8067
Fax: 503-264-9360

Check out the Rabbid Motorsports website at:

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