Biography Greg Lingelbach

Portland, Oregon

Driver, GSX Rally Team

My friend Steve Andrews got me started in Pro Rally in 1998. He said to me one day, "Hey Greg, how about racing Pro Rally?" I said, "What! What is it?" He told me and I've been hooked ever since. It helps when you used to race motorcycles.

Our first car was a turbocharged 1984 Dodge Colt twin stick eight speed which we purchased for one dollar thanks to John Pellerin. We had been racing for the first four months and we were holding onto first place by a small margin in Class Three at Wild West. Unfortunatly we rolled and that ended our season.

1999 was a brand new sesason and this time we were racing a turbocharged 1984 Mitsubishi Starion. We took a third place in Class Three at Oregon Trail. Half way through the year we purchased a turbocharged 1990 awd Eagle Talon.

It's now the year 2000 and we are pumped up and ready to compete. Our first event is Doo Wop III. We win PGT and Class Two and also take a third place overall, our best finish to date. But fate strikes on day two. About six miles into the stage we blow a head gasket, ending the day. We will be back for Oregon Trail 2000.

Our car, a turbocharged 1990 awd Eagle Talon, is 100% stock and we are running on TOYO retreads. The GSX Rally Team is sponsored by Dick Hanna Mitsubishi-VW and Hollywood Signs. We are currently limited on funds and are looking for additional sponsorship.

I couldn't do it without my friend, Steve Andrews, a great co-driver and expert mechanic (I love you man). Steve is a technician, and a pretty good one I might add, he keeps our cars running.

I live in Portland, Oregon and have lived here for 36 years now. There's nothing like a true Oregonian. I'm married and have two wonderful children.

Thanks to Ryan Johson, our crew chief, and all our friends and family. Special thanks to my wife Kelley, to whom I love very much, who allows me to keep on racing year after year, and Steve's wife Penny.

For further information on the GSX Rally Team, Greg can be contacted at:

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