Biography Kristopher Marciniak, Driver
Christine Wittish, Co-Driver

Irvine, California

Debut Rally: 2005 Gorman Ridge Rally

Plans to compete in:
Prescott Rally
Ramada Express International Rally

Founded the New England Subaru Impreza Club.

Kris is an accomplished driver with a background in racing beginning with autocross in 1998. In 2001 he found a knack for driving in dirt and slippery conditions and transferred that ability to rallycross and Ice Racing. Winning second in class on his first Ice Race season championship, he continued to rack up the winnings and finished off with a 1st in class modified in 2004. He started work on the Dodge Neon in 2002 and continues to do much of the mechanical preparation and maintenance for the car. "I want to have an advantage if we break down on the stage. Some drivers may 'pack it up' because of a mechanical problem. I've had this motor apart. I know what breaks and how to fix it. I'm ready with duct tape and paper clips."

Christine is new to co-driving but not new to team management. As a grad student she is often "on her own" to facilitate projects and deadlines. She has been developing her co-driving skills by attending a school in February and by notating and reading the rallycross courses. As a very organized person and one who doesn't get car sick easily, she is perfect for the job.

Kris drives a 1996 SOHC Dodge Rally Neon in the Production class.

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