Biography Ken Kovach

Cleveland, Ohio
Driver, Rally 1 Motorsports

Co Driver: Mark Rinkle

Sponsor: Pen/Ment Racing - Medina, Ohio

Car: 1991 Escort GT (Class U2)

I spent about 25 years racing on the NHRA drag racing circuit, winning several events and setting various records in several classes. I've tried my hand at off-shore powerboat racing. Business committments in the mid 80's curtailed my racing. Trying some TSD rallying opened the door to PRO rally. I look forward to the competition.

Most recently, I participated in the Ski Sawmill Rally Right XI School and coefficient 2 Divisional PRO Rally in Morris, Pennsylvania.

I am 46 years young, employed by the Lubrizol Corp. as a research technician. As I work with engines and lubricants on a daily basis, I get to see and touch some of the latest technology that's out.

My rally car is a 1991 Escort GT with an 1844cc dohc 16 valve engine. It has extensive suspension modifications including Tokico struts and Ground-Control coil-over conversions.

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