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1991 - Served on pit crew for Primitive Racing at the Tour de Forest Divisional PRO Rally
1991 - Named Novice of the Year for Oregon Region SCCA Solo II Series
1992 - Co-Drove for Paul Eklund in Northwest Region Divisional PRO Rally Series
1995 - 1st place Co-Driver for Northwest Region Divisional Series in U2 with Driver Simon Levear
1997 - Entered PGT Championship in a Subaru Impreza; lost title hopes when car rolled at Prescott
1998 - Took second in PGT Driver's Championship despite points lead with two events remaining; team did not enter the final event due to time constraints; Co-Driver Eklund won National title.

Lee earned a Mechanical Engineering degree in 1995 and is an active member of the Society of Automobile Engineers. He currently holds an Engineering position with a division of the Japanese Tosoh Corporation. This job involves travel to Japan and has the added benefit of 4 day work weeks.

In February of 1997, Lee and co-driver Paul Eklund introduced their Subaru Impreza to the SCCA PRO Rally Series. The car was first seen in the Doo Wops I,II Divisional PRO Rally, where it placed 20th overall. In the Doo Wops III,IV National PRO Rally, the team placed 9th overall and 2nd in Production GT. Their best finish for that season was 1st in Production GT at the 1997 Rim of the World PRO Rally, a class win they would repeat in 1998. Lee's shot at a 1997 PGT title was crushed when he rolled his car at Prescott, ending his season. The following year, he led the PGT Driver's Championship until the last event, which the team did not enter.

Lee will again compete for the ProRally Production GT title in 1999 in addition to the North American Rally Cup.


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