Matt Kennedy

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3 Stooges Racing

Brattleboro, Vermont

Although I've competed in many rallycrosses and TSD rallies, 2000 was my first year of professional racing. I won the Pagoda Hillclimb Rally class, finished second in the Rally class at the Duryea Hillclimb, and became a member of the 'turtle club' when I navigated for my father at Black River Stages.

My father, Don, was heavily involved with working Pennsylvania rallies and started bringing me with him to the events when I was in Junior High. I got hooked and have been involved as a worker, service crew member or competitor ever since.

My wife and I live in southeast Vermont where, just across the river, I'm the Instrumental Music teacher for a small southwest New Hampshire school district. When I'm not at school, I keep busy by participating in local music groups, maintaining the team's web page, and by doing other rally related things.

Matt can be reached at:
Phone: 802-257-0458

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