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White Plains, New York

White Plains, New York
White Plains, New York

Ivan Orisek started rallying in Czechoslovakia in the early 1970's. Olga Orisek is a former two-time Czechoslovak National Champion in downhill skiing.

Ivan and Olga Orisek started rallying together in the United States in 1992. In their first national championship event, they placed tenth overall and fourth in class.

The same year, they had another tenth place finish overall at a national event, one divisional finish in the third place and one divisional fourth place finish. They ended the 1992 National Championship season in a tie for the eighth place in the Production GT class.

In 1994, Ivan and Olga Orisek won their first rally outright when they placed first overall at Ski Saw Mill PRO Rally, a divisional coefficient 2 event in Pennsylvania. That year, Olga Orisek became a Northeast Divisional Champion Co-Driver and Ivan Orisek was a Northeast Divisional Runner-up Driver in the Sports Car Club of America PRO Rally Championship.

In 1996, Olga Orisek placed second in the Northeast Divisional Championship and Ivan Orisek took the fourth place.

In 1997, they both took the second place both in the Super D Championship and in the North East Divisional Championship.

In 1999, they placed sixth and seventh, respectively, in Open Class in the North American Rally Cup.

Ivan Orisek serves on the SCCA New York Rally Board.

After the team's Production GT class Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo all wheel drive rally car was destroyed in a fire at the 1994 STPR, the team engineered and built from scratch an Open class Audi Quattro rally car.

Phone: 914-686-9709, fax 914-686-9868

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