Biography Pete Morris, Driver

Los Angeles, California

My current plans are to enter Rally America events with my new co-driver, Casey Kobyluk.

I got involved in rallying while serving in the British Army in Northern Ireland in 1979. A total of five trophies were taken home after my first event, consisting of five days on Salisbury Plain. Between 1979-1986, I also took in five International events in Belgium and an unsuccessful attempt at the Hunsruck Rally in Germany.

I came to California in 1986 and immediately bought a 1973 Corolla and ran Stock class for two years. I then sold the car due to work commitments. Six years later, I bought the car back and went into a partnership with Eric Oyague (Ramon Fereyros's cousin) and competed for another year in Stock class. I then purchased Eric's half of the car and upgraded it to Open class with a 2 litre, 3TC motor. Unfortunately, this combination was short lived as I put the car off the road, big time, totalling the car, but both my Co-driver, Chris Burns and I walked away, unscathed, testimony to the extra tubing I had installed by Steve Scott. He built the cage in my current car.

In 1989, while working as bodyguard/chauffeur for the President of the SoCal Gas Company, I spent four days at Sears Point undergoing Anti-Terrorist/Anti-Kidnap driver training with instructors from Bob Bondurant's School - the most fun I've had for four days on end. I also took the reins for the Treeline Rally from Lon Peterson who was dying to drive the roads competitively. I wanted to give back to the sport something which to this day I enjoy doing.

It is now February of 2005 and I am about to embark on some more driving in my 1974 Corolla, using the same engine and transmission from my previous car.

I am married, retired, no kids, but have a house full of pets - cats and dogs - a lot of Pound rescues.

My car is an Open class 2 wheel drive, 1974 Corolla, 3TC motor, BMW/Toyota front suspension, possibly the only current car out there with that set-up.

Pete can be reached at:
Phone: 323-667-2614

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