Biography Rob Bohn

Noblesville, Indiana

Driver AND Co-driver
Rev2/Tune-Tech Racing

Co-Driver for Mike Hurst in the Group 5 RX-7, and Driver of my own Eclipse GSX; Mike and I run a limited season but always try to push for the Group 5 Championship (we always make Ralph nervous!)

Around 1981 a buddy said, "Wanna see a rally?" and I said, "What's a rally?" and he said, "I don't know, but it sounds fun!" I worked a lot of Pro Rallies for many many years, and also ran off and on. I finally hooked up with Mike Hurst for Divisionals and then ran successfully in the first National Group 2 Championship in his Nissan 200SX. We later ran the Porsche (damn thing) and now the RX-7 (whoo-whee!!!).

My 1991 Eclipse GSX is my former street car with over 140,000 miles on it that was rode hard and put away wet - but stock in every way! No HKS, no tweaks, just GABs and cage! Mike and I decided to Pro Rally it on a dare. He prepared it and in return he ran it in a rally a few times - even was 6th overall at POR (er, LSPR).

Our sponsors include Rev2 and Tune-Tech.

I sell and install specialty software for Chambers of Commerce and Mail-Order Catalogers for my company, Rev2; this means I travel all around the U.S. and am hardly ever home!!!

For further information, contact Rob at:
317-596-1215 (work)

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