Biography Rick Hintz

El Cajon, California

Co-Driver, Extreme Rallying

I am currently co-driving for my brother Dave in a Gen 2 1990 Mazda RX-7 Turbo. We won the 2002 National Group 5 SCCA ProRally Championship. We previously won the 2000 Group 5 National ClubRally Championship. Our first finish and class win was at Rim 2001. For the 2003 season we are planning to continue to contest the ProRally Series in the Mazda, possibly doing more events.

I have extensive NORPAC ClubRally experience as both driver and co-driver. Driving highlights include several top 10 finishes in my classic 1970 Datsun 240Z (with seven different co-drivers), and being the tail end of a 1-2 Hintz Brothers sweep of Group 5 at one event when we were both driving. Co-driving highlights include an overall event win with my brother in his old RX-3.

Our current sponsors include DMS USA and Mazda contingency.

We grew up in Kenya, watching the Safari Rally. We did motocross until college when we got an old Dodge Colt rally car and Ray Damitio got us started in the NorthWest.

I am married to my wife Tammy and work as a Mechanical Engineering Civilian for the US Navy working in San Diego. My job includes making sure the ships are well taken care of when they're in our port so they perform as required when called upon.

Rick can be reached at:
Phone: 619-556-5639 or

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