Biography Rey Laureano, Driver

Labro Racing

Westhills, California

Rey started out racing go-karts in the Philippines in the 70's. In the 80's he started running slaloms and rallycrosses and was rallying until 1987 when he immigrated to the US. "Last year, after being away for 12-13 years (and three marriages later), I decided to go back to my first love."

Rey and co-driver Greg Maxwell compete in the California Rally Series Stock class in a 1980 Toyota Celica which features a 20r/2.0 liter engine, welded/seamed body, TRD suspension, Corbeau seats, Bridgestone tires and an Alfa Pro computer.

Last year they placed third at Gorman Ridge and fourth at Treeline. Their plans for 2000 include running a full season and going for the Stock class championship.

Labro Racing's sponsors include: Azad Racing, SuperP Muffler, DC Sports, Jay's Racing, Cookies Graphics and New Cars, Inc.

Rey, 38, was born in the Philippines, migrated to US in 1987, and now lives in Westhills, California. He works as a car broker for New Cars, Inc. which supplies cars to different Credit Unions.

Contact Rey at:
Phone: 818-772-4118
Fax: 818-772-4119

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