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SPEEDsmith Racing

Stouffville, Ontario

SPEEDsmith Racing was created in 1998 to compete in Performance Rallies all around Canada and the USA. In 1999, SPEEDsmith ran in the Ontario Rally Championship for half the season and in 2000 will be attempting to run every event in the Canadian Rally Championship.

After spectating and marshalling at rallies around Ontario for a couple of years, the Smith brothers decided that rallying would make a great hobby. While competing in some navigational rallies for the experience, the newly founded SPEEDsmith Racing purchased a 1992 Suzuki Swift GT, number "01" of the ten prepared by Four Star Racing. The car was fully race ready by mid-1999 and their first event was the 1999 Rally of the Voyageurs.

Simon Smith
Simon Smith
Simon, 28, enjoys all kinds of motorsports. Competing in Solo II around Toronto, he likes driving and the competion of racing. He currently works at CTV Sportsnet in Toronto.

At 17 years of age, Andrew is very new to rallying and is enjoying it very much. Born a car nut, getting into motorsports was natural for him. In early 2000, Andrew will be competing in Ice Racing in northern Ontario.

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith

SPEEDsmith's 1992 Suzuki Swift GT competes in the Production 1750 Class (engine must be less than 1750 cc and relatively stock). The engine is a 1.3 litre, 4-cylinder, twin-cam, 16-valve with approximately 105 horsepower.

Modifications include a competition engine management computer, reinforced suspension with modified Bilstein adjustable struts, competition motor mounts, reinforced radiator support, Hi-Flow performance exhaust, front and rear skid plates, steel scrapers to protect rear calipers, engine lid and trunk hatch tie-downs and mud flaps. Auxiliary lighting consists of Carello and Siem rally lights mounted in a fiber glass light pod.

Inside the driving compartment is a full 13-point roll cage, Corbeau Riva seats and mounting brackets, Sparco 5-point racing harnesses, Momo Monte Carlo competition steering wheel, selective "fly-off" and locking handbrake, competition pedals and foot braces, driver and co-driver floor mounted fire extinguishers, a Terratrip 303 Plus navagation computer and Terratrip Professional intercom.

Speedsmith Racing's 1992 Suzuki Swift GT
1992 Suzuki Swift GT

SPEEDsmith's primary sponsor, Bruce's Auto Service, provides auto repair and maintenance services in the York Region area of Ontario.

SPEEDsmith Racing can be reached by e-mail at

For more information on SPEEDsmith Racing, visit their website at

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