Luc Piche
Co-Driver Luc Pichť - Photo by JoŽl Fournier


Marc Racine
Driver Marc Racine - Photo by JoŽl Fournier

Marc Racine made his stage rally debut in Canada in 1996 after completing a rally driving school in France with Anne-Chantal Powell, co-pilote for FrancoisDelecour in the 1991 WRC. Marc drove a 1993 Honda Civic H/B in the Production class resulting in first in regional class and novice driver.

Co-pilote Luc Pichť joined the team in 1997. Driving the same car in the Canadian Rally Championship, they won the Production class.

For 1998, Marc and Luc have factory sponsorship from Honda Canada, Inc. They are competing in a 1997 Honda Civic SI Coupe in Group 2. Their Civic has an Integra powertrain which produces 170hp. The Honda also features a type "R" transmission with a lsd built inside, a type "R" exhaust and Bilstein suspension.

The 1998 season netted a number of good results including 6th overall and third in Group 2 at the Baie Des Chaleurs, 7th overall and third in Group 2 at Voyageurs, 4th overall and second in Group 2 at Charlevoix and 8th overall and first in Group 2 at the season finale, Tall Pines. They finished the season second in Group 2 and seventh overall in the Canadian Rally Championship.

Marc is from Rawdon, Quebec, and is the Parts Manager at the Villenuve Honda dealership. Marc competed in Solo events from 1992 thru 1994. He has also attended the Jim Russell driving school.

Co-pilote Luc Pichť, from Boisbriand, Quebec, is 35 years old and works as a computer network technician. He has been involved in racing and rallying for about 15 years as competitor, worker and mechanic.

Team ENICAR's sponsors include:
Honda Canada, Inc.
Villeneuve Honda Dealership
Wynn's X'Tend
BC Auto Design

Marc can be reached at:
450-759-9847 Fax

Luc can be reached at:

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