Biography William Sekella

Fleetwood, Pennsylvania

Co-Driver, All Fear Racing

I have been around the Rally community since 1985 when my father, David Sekella, asked me if I wanted to go to a rally. Next thing I saw was John Buffum in his Quattro. Need I say anymore!

I have always had a passion for ProRally and was lucky to join up with Gerry Brinkman this year. We ran our first rally at Ski Sawmill and finished -- I'll take it! This has been a great experience. We have an Audi 4000 Quattro with a 5000 turbo motor. Gerry has the hot chip, putting it to 240 bhp. We are looking to be competitive in the Series.

I have been involved in various forms of racing for as long as I can remember. I started in Autocross and TSD rallies. I ran my first race three days after I received my licence. From there it was down hill. I was class champion in autox 87' thru 89'. I then moved onto Solo I Hillclimbing. I have taken the NEDIV GT-5 Championship five times and was the East Coast Champion for three years.

Team Barely Racing's sponsors include Eyeland Optical and Special T Design.

For further information, contact Will at:
H# 610-396-0266
W# 610-670-2020

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