Arreita Motorsports

1984 Audi 4000S Quattro Turbo Sedan

Open Class PRO Rally Car

Carlos C. Arrieta, Sr. - Driver
Carlos J. Arrieta, Jr. - Co-driver


1998 - Car first competed on 5/29/98


           Length:            4495.8mm (177in)

           Width:             1651mm (65in)

           Height:            1397mm (55in)

           Wheelbase:         2540mm (100in)

           Weight:            1202.02kg (2650lb)

           Engine:            5 cylinder, 10 valve, 2.1 liter turbocharged; special
                                exhaust manifold, turbo and electronic controls

           Power:             280 BHP @ 7500 rpm

           Torque:            275 ft/lbs @ 5700 rpm

           Transmission:      5 speed; front and rear clutch type; limited slip                                 differentials, locked center differential

           Suspension:        Special aluminum MacPherson struts w/Bilstein oil filled                                 shocks by Libra Racing

           Brakes:   Front:   1993 Audi 90 double piston calipers with 11" discs

                     Rear:    Stock Audi

           Tires:             Michelin Pilot Rally Tires on 7" wheels

           Electrics/Lights:  Bosch/Hella 105W fog/driving lights

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