Arreita Motorsports

1986 SAAB 900 Turbo

Group 5 Pro Rally Car

Carlos Arrieta, Jr. - Driver
Dick Casey - Co-driver


	Length		186.6 in (4740mm)

	Front Track	56.3 in (1430 mm)

	Rear Track	56.7 in (1440 mm)

	Height		56.1 in (1420 mm)

	Wheelbase	99.1 in (2517 mm)

	Weight		Curb = 2861 lbs (1216.08 kg)
			Racing = 2546 lbs (1083 .4 kg)


	Engine		1988, 4 cylinder, 16 valve, 2.0 liter, turbocharged. Stock turbo w/40mm
			restrictor. Modified exhaust system w/3 inch exhaust. Stock ECU. Bosch
			spark plugs, K&N air filter, MOBIL 1 lubricants, stock intercooler. Volvo
			740B oil cooler. Stock A/C radiator with dual electric fans (puller type)

	Power		175 factory-rated BHP @ 6500 rpm

	Torque		150 ft/lbs @ 5000 rpm

	Transmission	Original 1986 5-speed, MOBIL 1; plans include custom 2-quart additional
			lubrication tank with 4-pass cooler/pump

	Clutch		Stock

	Differential	Stock, non-limited slip


	Front Brakes	Stock SAAB '86 calipers with 11" vented rotors, stock pads

	Rear Brakes	Stock SAAB '86 calipers with 9.5 inch vented rotors, stock pads

	Suspension	BOGE shocks all around with stock springs; later we plan to convert to
			special revalved Bilstein shocks with custom coil springs by Rob Walden's
			Scanwest Autosport

	Tires		Michelin M4/L4 15/165x15 Rally Tires

	Rims		5.5x15" 4-bolt SAAB alloy


	Lights		Bosch electrics; Hella headlights; 110 amp alternator; Hella Rallye 2000
			105 watt dual driving lights; HD battery

	Rally Computer	Terratrip 303 Plus with Remote from Ken Beard's Susquehanna Motor Sports

	Intercom	Terraphone Professional from Ken Beard's Susquehanna Motor Sports with
			remote CB radio control

	Gauges		Stock SAAB dash tachometer; 2" oil pressure, water temperature, transmission
			temperature, boost, and amp gauges


	Roll Cage	Custom 10-point welded cage made of 1.75" mild steel tubing by Arrieta
			MotorSports, with stainless steel welding. Aluminum alloy sump guard.
			Lexan side and rear windows

	Fuel System	FUEL SAFE 15 gallon ENDURO (FIA FT-3 spec) with external electric fuel
			pump/filter, stock pressure regulator, braided stainless steel Aeroquip
			fuel lines

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