Dodge Charger

1984 Dodge Shelby Charger

Group 5 PRO Rally Car

Driver:     Lesley Suddard
Co-Driver:  Marc Goldfarb


	Length:			174.8 in / 4440 mm
	Width:			66.1 in / 1680 mm
	Height: 		50.7 in / 1289 mm
	Wheelbase:		96.5 in / 2451 mm
	Front Track: 		56.1 in / 1426 mm
	Rear Track:		56.1 in / 1426 mm
	Weight:			2350 lbs.

	Driveline:		Transverse-mounted turbo-charged 
				4-cylinder in-line, single o/h cam	
				5-speed manual gearbox

	Engine: 		1987 2.2-liter Turbo II motor, 
				8:1 compression
	Power:			174 hp @ 4800 rpm
	Torque:			200 ft-lbs @ 3200 rpm

	Transmission: 		5-speed manual .525 transaxle, with .387 ring gear

	Suspension: 		Front:	Custom Chrysler-built rally suspension
				Rear:	Koni custom-built to Chrysler 
					rally specification

	Steering:		Chrysler rack & pinion, power steering rack
	Chassis:		Seam-welded, front suspension shock towers doubled & welded

	Brakes:			1987 Daytona Turbo II Kelsey-Hayes disk brake calipers
				(front & rear) Girling proportioning valve for adjustable 
				rear bias Hydraulic parking brake 

	Front pads: 		Porterfield R4 carbon-kevlar race pads
	Rear pads:		Daytona turbo II Abex performance pads

	Wheels/Tires:		5-bolt aluminum Chrysler rims /
				Michelin 15-62/15 cm tires

	Electrics/Lights:	Chrysler engine electronics, custom-designed engine
				management chip Hella 3000 driving lights

	Other:			Ridgard competition seats M&R racing cam-lock
				six-point seatbelts Newark Maaco paint and bodywork


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