Burmeister Engineering Rallysport

Group 2 VW GTI

Driver: Eric Burmeister
Co-Driver: Mark Buskirk

History: Group 2 VW GTI built in Germany by VW Motorsport for Group A competition. This car has been a rally car since new. All logbooks from every event and all original FIA homologation papers have been retained for this car illustrating its history.

	Shell:		Seam welded
	        	FIA homologated roll cage
			FIA homologated fuel cell
			Solid engine mounts
			Aluminum skid plate
			Full under-body plastic skid protection

	Engine:		2-litre block
			European 8 valve head and intake with oversize valves
			Balanced steel crank, shotpeened rods, oil cooler
			HOR Technology 300 degree cam
			11.5:1 compression ratio

	Transmission:	Close ratio 5-speed gearbox
		        4.25:1 final drive
			Sachs Racing clutch
		        Quaife limited slip differential

	Suspension:	Sachs threaded body adjustable coil-over rally struts
			BER joints in reinforced A-arms

	Brakes:		4-pot Lockheed calipers on oversize rotors (front)
			VW disc (rear)
			Hydraulic handbrake
			Steel lines throughout (run inside the car where possible)

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